El Segundo

Managed IT Support Services in El Segundo

El Segundo has a rich history in business, refining, and manufacturing. El Segundo was the home of one of the first aircraft manufacturers during World War II, and since then, this coastal city has remained a hub of manufacturing and technological innovation. That innovation extends into every business in the South Bay, and utilizing technology to increase efficiency and security is a vital component of that drive to keep moving forward. At NIC, we provide managed IT support services for innovative companies in El Segundo and the greater Los Angeles area.

IT Support

At NIC we believe in proactive intervention and fixing problems before you even know about them. We do this through transparent network monitoring, and by identifying and eliminating structural issues before they can affect your business. With our intuitive Help Desk, we provide an efficient and user-friendly way to submit issues, allowing our team to address problems so that you can focus on growing your business. Our team of IT experts is trained on the latest methods for resolving anything your organization may encounter online, whether on-site or remotely. Whether you need assistance fixing a slow computer or undertaking a large project like migrating a server or protecting against cyber attacks, we provide comprehensive IT support.

Cloud Services

Across many industries today, mobility and flexibility are valuable commodities for any business. That’s why our cloud services ensure you receive the reliable performance and data availability you need to manage and run your business. In addition to our suite of managed IT support services in the El Segundo area, our hosted cloud services give your business all the benefits of a highly advanced data center without the responsibility of keeping and maintaining technology on-site. In terms of overhead, a hosted server ensures your data management costs can be planned and budgeted accordingly. Our main data center is located in Los Angeles, and is protected by 24/7 security, backup generators, a climate controlled environment, and continuous monitoring.

Disaster Recovery

Aside from our managed IT support services, we also provide advanced disaster recovery plans for any emergency scenario. Your company’s sensitive data and confidential information are valuable assets necessary for keeping your business running. In order to access files and vital information in the event of a worst case scenario, our experts can help ensure that issues and technical disasters don’t threaten the integrity of you and your team’s data. We believe that the best disaster recovery plan starts with high-quality servers you can rely on. At NIC, we host your data on SSAE 16 data servers built to survive and perform at maximum efficiency throughout any natural disaster or cyber attack. We also utilize remote servers in the Arizona desert to protect your data in case of main data center failure.

Cyber Security

The threat of cyber attacks increases with each new advancement in technology, and your business needs the best defense on its side. With our expert team of cyber security experts, we have the knowledge to protect your data from any conceivable cyber threat. With our anti-penetration tools, we identify any network vulnerabilities and immediately strengthen them before any threats occur. We take pride in being able to provide completely secure, safe networks that allow you and your team to focus on core business operations. Additionally, our cyber security compliance regulations are imposed by the OCIE. In short, we ensure that all necessary protocols and standards are upheld, giving you the most secure digital infrastructure possible.