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Digital Business Models

How Digital Business Models Are Affecting IT – The Case For “On-Shoring”

Changing digital business models in the information age have proven to be revolutionary, and they are transforming the way that companies do business in every industry. The rise of the digital business model is so significant, many are calling the phenomenon of “digital disruption.” Just as the original concept of disruption specified a process in […]

Cyber Security

Cyber Security for FinTech Firms

Cyber crime is on the minds of business leaders, law enforcement professionals, and politicians everywhere, and there is a good reason for that. As the FBI has reported, cyber crime is a serious and dangerous matter. Modern cyber-attacks have grown more sophisticated and commonplace, and they have a greater capacity to inflict damage on their […]

Ethernet Cable

The Future of Net Neutrality Regulation

Due to the tumultuous election upset in 2016, the composition of the federal government is set to change dramatically for the next year. This will have far-reaching consequences for a variety of political issues, including net neutrality, which we will focus on in this post. Imminent changes are coming to Congress and the White House […]


Cyber Attack Defense in 2017

As IT and finance businesses and professionals enter 2017, they will have to face the reality that cyber attacks are increasingly becoming more nuanced and severe. These attacks are powerful enough to cripple entire networks and surpass current outdated defenses upon which government agencies and companies still continue to rely on. The world is seeing […]