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The Growing Impact of Ransomware

The Growing Impact of Ransomware Ransomware attacks are on the rise due to a newer generation of ransomware that is so pernicious that it has the ability to completely paralyze business-critical operations. Common strains like TorrentLocker, CTB Locker, Locky, and CryptoWall can spread beyond an individual computer to corrupt any shared resources the machine has […]

Everything You Need To Know About Encryption

Cyber-crime has increased at an alarming rate over the past few years. According to MacAfee, cyber-attacks cost companies $300 Billion to $1 trillion annually. In light of the increasing cyber-attacks, more organizations are making efforts to encrypt their traffic. Sandvine estimates that in 2016, 37.5% of the North American fixed access traffic is encrypted as […]

Business Crash

Don’t Let Data Loss Cripple Your Business – Follow These Three Steps to Review Your Backup Procedures

Data loss can have serious implications on your business. Loss of sales data affects the sales and marketing division, whereas loss of financial data results in loss of contracts and stock value. Studies by Datamonitor have revealed that one-third of IT leaders believe that a major data loss incident will lead to bankruptcy. The degree […]