Disaster Recovery (Orange County)

Every company has experienced some form of data loss—big and small. A computer crash erases hours or sometimes days of work, a network crash prevents you from downloading a needed presentation, or a communications breakdown slows an otherwise productive team.

Your data and other sensitive information is a valuable component of running your business and you need reliable access to it in order to succeed. The experts at our disaster recovery company can help ensure that issues and technical disasters don’t destroy or delete the work completed by you and your team.

Secure Servers

The best disaster recovery plan starts with state of the art servers you can rely on. At NIC, we host your data on our SSAE 16 data servers which are built to withstand almost any natural disaster. Additionally, we use remote servers in the Arizona desert to protect your data in case of main data center failure. In other words, our backups have backups.

We house our servers in a climate controlled environment, with 24/7 security, and backup generators, plus we provide continuous monitoring.

24/7 Service For a 24/7 World

The world doesn’t stop to take a break, so neither should your disaster recovery company. At NIC, we provide around the clock monitoring, maintenance, and support. No matter the time of day or potential emergency we offer contingency plans to minimize the risk of data loss and lost production and efficiency.

Choose a company with your business in mind—choose NIC.