Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

The biggest challenge an organization faces when it comes to upgrading to an OS, like Windows 10, on a company-wide level, is deployment, followed closely by device-incompatibility issues and security problems. This is where a professional managed service provider can make a difference to your bottom line. In our experience, as one of the premium IT services in Los Angeles, we know first-hand how crucial it is for businesses to have access to instant on-site and/or remote IT support.

According to Net Applications, an analytics and insights firm based out of California, Windows 10’s user share – i.e. the number of people who used the new OS to access the internet – grew from 0.4% to a whopping 5.2% for the month of August, 2015. The upward trend for Windows 10 continues in 2016, too. According to Net Market Share’s website, Windows 10 now has a 15.34% desktop OS market share, globally.

Not only does this surge indicate a major shift in IT strategy for countless business organizations but, it also means an increase in the demand for specialized Windows support from their respective managed service provider.

Should Your Business Adopt Windows 10?

This is the one question I’ve been asked repeatedly since Microsoft released the Windows 10 upgrade on July 29th, 2015 by my peers and clients, alike. A close reiteration to the same question has been “Why should we upgrade our systems to Windows 10?”

Easier Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of Windows 10 is its ability to run seamlessly across different platforms i.e. desktops/laptops to tablets to (Windows) phones. Enterprises that favor the Windows OS, will have an easier time at managing and protecting itself against many unavoidable pitfalls of the modern mobile workplace i.e. the BYOD era.

Better Speed and Performance

Better performance and speed, is another benefit. To ensure Windows 10 doesn’t lose its edge, Microsoft teamed up with Intel to optimize the new OS to leverage Intel’s future CPU’s to the fullest. This means, once Intel’s sixth-gen Core processors are released, Windows 10 users will experience another significant speed boost.

Efficient Multitasking

The “window-snapping” feature takes multitasking to a level never seen before in Windows, making it perfect for a fast paced business enterprise. Through this feature, users can open and work on four different applications at the same time i.e. in 4 quadrants of the screen.

Enhanced Security for Critical Data

For enterprises that need to store sensitive and critical corporate data on their end points and the cloud, Windows 10 provides you the option to protect it through biometric security. “Windows Hello” is a biometric program which with the appropriate hardware supports facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning to unlock the computer. Of course, cloud service security is more complex than simply securing one access point. NIC provides ironclad cloud service security through our advanced and secure cloud servers based in Los Angeles.

Minor Drawbacks

There are two very minor drawbacks. For one, not all hardware and business applications are Windows 10 compatible and will stop functioning after upgrades. Second, because the new OS differs from the previous OS versions considerably, some employees might find it difficult to navigate.

Dealing with the Drawbacks

NIC’s highly experienced IT professionals will perform a complete inventory of all your systems, hardware and business applications to determine exactly which are Windows 10 compatible. For the ones that are incompatible, they will suggest powerful alternatives – ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted once the upgrade is finalized.

Apart from providing timely assistance, our dedicated Windows support teams hold one-day workshops, either at your premises or on ours, to teach your employees everything there is to know about the new OS.

As a dedicated IT Service in Los Angeles, we can ensure your transition to Windows 10 is hitch-free. Don’t let these minor drawbacks stop you from upgrading to Microsoft’s most business friendly OS. Contact us today to find out how NIC can aid your organization roll out Windows 10, effortlessly.

Get in touch with us for a free assessment to see if your business should take advantage of the limited free Windows 10 upgrade now, which is set to expire by July 29 2016.

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