Disaster Recovery

Pick Up Where You Left Off: Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions From NIC Inc.

The digital realm thrives on information in today’s data-driven era, and that’s precisely where NIC shines. We offer multi-layered, redundant backup and disaster recovery solutions so you can pick up right where you left off, no matter the circumstances.

Maintain Business Continuity, Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

Here’s what sets NIC apart:

On-Site Backup Appliances

We start by installing powerful backup appliances right on your local servers, guaranteeing swift and efficient data duplication. No more worrying about potential data loss at your physical location.

Fortified Data Transmission

Our security measures go beyond ordinary standards. With NIC, your data is encrypted and transmitted to our state-of-the-art primary data center, where it undergoes additional redundancy measures.

Automatic Backups for 24/7 Protection

Gone are the days of manual backups and the uncertainty that comes with them. Our system ensures that your critical information is refreshed at shorter intervals, reducing the window of vulnerability and enhancing your overall security posture.

Flexible Retention to Fit Your Needs

Not all data is created equal, and different types of information warrant varying retention periods. Whether you need to retain your data for extended periods or only for a short while, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t gamble with information security! NIC stores three versions of your data available at any given time, ensuring the utmost integrity of your mission-critical information.

Ready to Break Free From Traditional Hardware Constraints?

NIC stands above the rest as the preferred choice for cost-effective, reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions in Los Angeles. We guarantee your information is replicated and fully-recoverable exactly when you need it. Unlike traditional on-premise servers—which come with hardware limitations and physical confines—our next-gen data center provides a secure, worry-free cloud environment.

This serverless model ensures your information is always within reach, enabling your business to thrive without constraints. With our focus on scalability, you can confidently embrace digital workflows, knowing your business has capacity to support its growing needs.

Whether you’re looking for a more-robust backup and disaster recovery plan or simply want to dive deeper into what we do, start a conversation today, and take the first step towards strengthening your digital ecosystem.