Disaster Recovery – Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Disaster Recovery

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “be prepared,” and have probably taken it to heart in your personal life. But what about your business? In this area especially, it’s absolutely vital that your business have a contingency plan and backup for any worst-case scenario. At NIC, we have over a decade of experience helping with disaster recovery in Los Angeles. It’s impossible to overstate the value of your company’s data, and we can provide the security of knowing it is safe no matter what happens.

We use cutting edge SSAE 16 data servers, which in addition to being remarkably secure, are also resilient enough to survive extreme circumstances like natural disasters. With our data centers in both Los Angeles and Arizona, it’s is virtually impossible for both to be simultaneously affected, leaving you with the peace of mind that your data is secure and immediately available to you at any time.


We make it our mission to keep your data safe. By using a custom system tailor-made for your business, we can be sure that your data is as accessible and as secure as you need it to be. Every company has different requirements, but rest assured we will customize our data security services to provide you exactly what you need.

At NIC, we know the value of your data, and will stop at nothing to provide you the comfort and security of knowing you will always have a back up in even the worst case scenario. That’s why we’re proud to specialize in disaster recovery for Los Angeles companies.

Let us worry about your data, so you can get back to growing your business.

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NIC provides managed IT support in Los Angeles, with years of experience in providing disaster recovery for businesses in the greater Los Angeles area.

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