About NIC

NIC has been providing IT Solutions and Cloud Services for businesses and organizations in the greater Los Angeles area for the past two decades. With a highly skilled staff, experience with a vast array of technologies, and a commitment to customer service, we have been able to acquire and retain a large group of clients in many vertical markets. Over the years, our clients have had many requirements in common as well as needs unique to each of them. We have drawn on this experience to develop standardized approaches to improve our efficiency, but learned to remain agile in order to adapt to each new client’s specific needs.

Lastly, our regular maintenance practices ensure you have a seamlessly running network. In order to improve our own efficiency, we remain agile and adapt to each client’s specific needs. Through our high retention rates, we have exceeded our client’s expectations for the last 14 years. We look forward to providing you with the best IT solutions.

IT Support

If your team encounters a technical issue, we have a user-friendly process for submitting concerns. Then, we’ll work with you every step of the way until the issue is resolved. Our industry-certified technicians provide onsite and remote assistance 24/7. Whether the issue at hand is fixing a slow computer, or something more complex like migrating a server, we can do everything in between.

At NIC, we exercise proactive intervention. Our highly skilled technical team locates and resolves internal network issues before you bring them to our attention. Through our transparent network monitoring, we quickly eliminate serious risks before they can affect your enterprise.

IT Project Management

We offer infrastructure-related professional services, such as Windows server solutions, desktop and server virtualization, storage area networks, network design and security, cloud migrations, office expansions, relocations, and much more.

Cloud Services

Our cloud-based services include a securely hosted Microsoft Exchange server, which allows you to access and send emails from remote locations. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings include Office 365, Azure, Google Apps, and Hosted Exchange Email. Additional services include automatic spam and virus filtering to maximize company uptime.

NIC Also provides customized Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) solutions for production and disaster recovery systems. All NIC cloud services are hosted in data centers that are regularly audited, geographically distributed, and have redundant systems.

Hardware & Software

As a top IT solutions company, we have access to industry-specific products with the largest distributors in the United States. We also offer easy auditing and tracking of all purchases from a single source. Let us use our resources and experience to optimize the value of your IT investment.