Remote Work Setup Services

Virtual Desktop Services

Virtual desktops offer several advantages over traditional hardware systems. It’s not just about supporting remote workers without a company laptop. Remote desktop services on a centralized server can help prevent many external security threats. A virtual desktop infrastructure is secure, convenient and offers an affordable alternative to traditional systems.

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Efficient workflow
  • Easy remote access
  • Easier upgrades

Remote Work Desk Setup

Unlike a traditional setup, a virtual desktop infrastructure allows your company’s computer desktop systems to be located on one centralized server. Instead of each user’s environment being stored on a local computer, their “desktops” are stored on a remote server. This type of setup can help reduce threats and provide easier systems management. To find out more about a remote workstation setup, contact us online or start by calling 1-877-721-3330.

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Streamline Your IT with Remote Work Setup

Easier Employee Management

With virtual desktop service, employees can log into their own remote desktop from virtually any computer – in-house, at home, or on the road. Remote desktop environments can be created, updated and deleted as needed – eliminating the need for individual software updates and upgrades. Security is more manageable and employee data is safer with a centralized server.

Easier IT Management

Businesses can benefit from a centralized server infrastructure. A single system is easier to update, manage and secure. There’s a significant cost savings without the need for expensive hardware and software. A remote work desk setup can help you lower IT infrastructure and support costs.

Protect Your Business

IT Disaster

IT disasters can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and stop your business in its tracks. Remote work setup can help prevent IT disasters by insulating your business data from on-site situations.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failure has either happened or is going to happen. Be better prepared with a remote solution to be sure your business data is protected and secure.

Data Loss

At NIC we protect your data. Our disaster recovery for businesses uses preventive back-up measures to minimize the chance of data loss.