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Cloud IT services

Cloud computing and storage provide a modern business with competitive advantages, such as scalable storage, faster processing, and automation. Our cloud services help to improve:

  • SaaS (web-based) applications
  • Workforce collaboration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Secure data storage

Safe and cost-effective cloud management

NIC’s cloud computing services allow you to store mission critical data and applications off-site enabling you to better manage IT costs and expenses. From productivity applications to the data they use, we’ll make sure that your IT resources are always safe and available.

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Cloud IT services

Secure data storage

Secure your data from cyber threats. While we offer disaster recovery services, it’s better to be prepared and proactive. Protect your future by being prepared now.

Trusted cloud services company

We’re a trusted cloud services management company providing cloud IT services and consulting for private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. We’ll help you reduce maintenance costs, expand security and protect your system’s integrity.

Cloud Computing Advantages

Smart System Upgrades

Streamline operations and access data from anywhere. Upgrading to the cloud makes collaboration and syncing products easy.

Better Infrastructure

Which cloud services will give you the best performance for your money? Our cloud service management expertise will help you to achieve efficient operation and reduced overhead costs.

Increased Security

Data loss can cripple a company and hurt your reputation. Trust our cloud backup service management to keep your data safe and secure.

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