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Cloud computing and storage can have huge benefits for modern businesses of all kinds. You can use a cloud server for limitless centralized storage, virtual desktops for a highly efficient and accessible remote workflow, phone services for integrated tools and cost savings, and disaster recovery to keep a backup of your data safe.

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Cloud Consulting Services as a Modern Business Solution

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Server cost and maintenance can be a huge drain on resources, especially for smaller companies or startups. Migrating data distribution and management to the cloud is often an efficient, cost-effective solution that can save your company significantly on time and physical space. At NIC, we specialize in providing the top cloud services for small businesses. This includes migrating companies to a secure, off-site, network-based server. Your company will have greater control and utility of an on-site server without the high cost of hardware and maintenance. In addition, transitioning to a cloud-based strategy allows your company to recover your information in the event of data loss.

Advanced Features

NIC’s cloud consulting services improve several facets of your technology systems including software-as-a-service applications, email, and backup storage systems. In the modern business world, emails are used as the primary mode of communication and should be able to be accessed in any location and on any device – computers, mobile phones, or table.

Our cloud consulting services are based on secure Microsoft Exchange servers that transmit and receive emails that are agnostic of device or geo-location. Our email server configuration provides additional capabilities including spam and virus filtering, Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Mobile Active sync, unlimited storage, and optional Blackberry Enterprise service.

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Managed Cloud Services

NIC’s cloud services for small businesses leverage data center infrastructure to cut costs associated with maintaining an internal server. Save on expenses including hardware, upkeep, and maintenance.

Partnering with NIC on your cloud migration is a dependable way to transition your data assets to the cloud, as well as develop a new data strategy for business growth. Our cloud infrastructure systems allow you to take advantage of the latest software-as-a-service applications. By streamlining data access and moving it off-site, your IT team can save overhead and increase efficiency.

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Safe & Cost-Effective Cloud Management

NIC’s cloud consulting service allows you to take full advantage of the server infrastructure while having your data be stored safely off-site. This allows your company to cut down on IT expenses and frees up IT resources to further develop your company’s digital and data strategy.

NIC’s primary data center is located in Los Angeles, California in a highly secure, backup-heavy, climate-controlled environment to ensure you have the proper cyber defense mechanisms to protect your assets.

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Secure Data Storage & Protection

NIC prioritizes the security of customers’ data above all else. In rare instances, however, disasters may strike. For this reason, NIC’s cloud consulting services employ a disaster recovery server in Phoenix, Arizona. This method ensures your data is simultaneously backed up in two different locations hundreds of miles away as a disaster contingency plan. Data can be pulled from either or both servers simultaneously in the case a disaster strikes in Los Angeles and requires you to restore your systems.

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