Long Beach

Managed IT Services in Long Beach

With the world’s second biggest seaport in the world, it’s no wonder the second largest city in Los Angeles county is at the forefront of technological and engineering advancement. As a premier IT managed services company in the Greater Los Angeles area, NIC recognizes Long Beach as a vibrant hub of not just freight, travel, and engineering, but businesses of all kinds. Everything from aerospace to tech companies have made their mark in Long Beach, and that innovative approach to business expansion and effective technology utilization has never let up.

IT Support

At NIC we believe in solving any issues before they arise. We proactively fix problems before you even know about them, and we do this through transparent network monitoring and by identifying and eliminating structural issues before it can affect your business. With our Help Desk, we are able to provide efficient and intuitive ways for your team to submit system issues, which allows us to take care of the problem so that you don’t have to. Our IT experts are trained in resolving issues, whether on-site or remotely. Whether you need a computer to run faster or you’re migrating a server, we’re an IT managed services firm in Long Beach that can accommodate your needs.

Cloud Services

These days, mobility and flexibility are vital to any company’s success. When it comes to ensuring your network is mobile and accessible, our cloud services ensure you get the reliable performance and data availability you need to manage and run your business. We are proud to offer IT managed services capable of transforming your network infrastructure from a static, in-house environment to a dynamic, flexible, and secure location. Our custom hosting options give your business the tools it needs to increase productivity and minimize IT issues.

Disaster Recovery

At NIC, we provide around the clock monitoring, maintenance, and support. No matter the time of day or potential emergency we offer contingency plans to minimize the risk of data loss and lost production and efficiency. The best disaster recovery plan starts with state of the art servers you can rely on. At NIC, we host your data on our SSAE 16 data servers which are built to withstand almost any natural disaster. Additionally, we use remote servers in the Arizona desert to protect your data in case of main data center failure. In other words, our backups have backups.

Cyber Security

With our extensive anti-penetration tools, we identify any network vulnerabilities and immediately strengthen them before any threats occur. As an IT services company prepared to handle anything from disaster recovery to cloud hosting, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully secure, safe network that allows your team to focus on day to day operations. Additionally, another vital component of any cyber security strategy is making sure your company is following the OCIE (Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations) guidelines. This allows us to provide security that not only adheres to proper protocols and standards, but offers the most up-to-date, advanced firewall of defense.