IT Services in Woodland Hills

NIC offers managed IT services in Woodland Hills, where we are located in the Warner Center. If your company is nearby, and in need of IT work, you won’t find a provider closer or better-equipped to help than NIC. We have extensive experience and expertise in business-critical IT disciplines that can help your business succeed. Reach out to us today to discuss receiving our managed IT services in Woodland Hills.

IT Support

We offer experienced consultation and Help Desk services that increase the efficiency and reliability of IT resources. From large-scale projects such as data center migrations to daily tasks like updating and troubleshooting SAAS offerings, we support a broad range of services.

Our remote diagnostic tools are capable of registering and resolving many system issues automatically, while our certified technicians arrive punctually at your location when an issue requires manual resolution. We are a 24/7 IT support company that offers help where and when you need it.

Cloud Services

Our managed IT services in Woodland Hills include cloud technology that is designed with ease of implementation and economy in mind. We will migrate your data to a secure, remote cloud that is monitored at all times. Using our remote cloud platform lets you avoid investing in costly hardware and software required for onsite clouds. Your encrypted data migrates to a remote cloud that we proactively maintain and upgrade to provide exceptional accessibility.

Disaster Recovery

Companies that lack disaster recovery plans frequently go out of business following events that cause significant data loss. However, simply using our managed IT services in Woodland Hills to store backup data at a remote location is not a full recovery plan. A company must consider each IT obstacle that could interrupt business continuity in the wake of a disaster.

NIC helps you identify and address all requirements for operating a replacement IT system in the aftermath of a catastrophe. The result is a customized disaster recovery plan that is simulation tested to see if it provides the necessary IT support within the requisite timeframe.

Cyber Security

With NIC as your IT support company for cyber security, you can leave the office without worrying whether invaluable business data is safe on both sides of the firewall. Our solutions strongly protect against present threats to your IT system, while anticipating opportunities that data thieves and other nefarious hackers may try to exploit down the line.

We can also make sure that your company complies with OCIE (Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations) guidelines for cyber security. Compliance means that you use best IT industry protocols and standards to achieve the most advanced firewall defense.
The digital security of our managed IT services in Woodland Hills leaves nothing to chance.