Orange County

Tech Support In Orange County

Even though it is sometimes overlooked for tech sectors like Silicon Valley or Silicon Beach, Orange County has a quickly expanding and remarkably active tech industry. Firms like the Applied Innovation Institute at UCI, and prominent tech giants in the healthcare and hardware sectors are setting the standard for Orange County’s burgeoning industries. As a result, this has a substantial impact on local companies large and small.

IT Support

NIC offers complete, integrated tech support in Orange County and beyond. With comprehensive solutions for your company’s network, servers, and computers, our services help keep your system operations running smoothly so you can focus on important day to day operations. We tailor our service plan to meet your needs. Through support, assistance, and focused solutions we protect your systems and provide optimal productivity for your entire network.

Cloud Services

NIC offers cloud services with the flexibility, performance, and reliability you need to effectively run your business—all without the effort and responsibility of owning and maintaining your own servers. Our cloud services ensure constant vigilance and proactive monitoring for a safer network and more secure data.

Utilizing our servers gives you the freedom to focus on your core business activities and not on data center maintenance. Our servers are protected with 24/7 security, a climate controlled environment, continuous monitoring, and even backup power generators.

Disaster Recovery

To keep your business’ operations running smoothly in the event of any disaster or emergency, we ensure that you have reliable access to information at all times. Our team of disaster recovery experts can streamline any hosting can help ensure that issues and technical disasters don’t destroy or delete the work completed by you and your team.

The best disaster recovery plan starts with state of the art servers you can rely on. At NIC, we not only provide tech support in Orange County, we host your data on our SSAE 16 data servers, which are built to withstand almost any natural disaster. Additionally, we use remote servers in the Arizona desert to protect your data in case of main data center failure. In other words, our backups have backups.

Cyber Security

We believe the most effective cyber security firms are the ones that utilize proactive measures to ensure that data thieves and hackers are thwarted in their efforts. To protect you before a crisis, our security services start with our state-of-the-art data center. In addition to 24/7 security from our center, we offer constant monitoring of advanced servers to keep sensitive information secure. Our fully-integrated plan keeps your data safe and secure through vigilance. Cyber security compliance regulations are imposed by the OCIE. At NIC, our comprehensive tech support for Orange County businesses and institutions allows us to assess your firm’s security preparedness, security weaknesses, and compliance requirements. As such, we undertake all necessary protocols for ensuring your data and technical infrastructure is as secure as possible.