Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Servers

Cloud migration is helping businesses to have a computing infrastructure without the high costs. Traditional servers and support can be difficult to maintain and update with the speed at which technology is changing. Some of the benefits of cloud computing are:

  • Better security
  • Easier upkeep
  • Less equipment
  • Reduced overhead
  • Off-site data storage
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Ability to scale

Virtual Desktops

Create a global office by utilizing cloud computing. Your staff can access your organization’s desktops and servers from anywhere. Remote access and telecommuting allows businesses to offer hybrid work environments that are convenient and efficient. To learn more about cloud migration support services, contact us online or start with a free consultation today by calling 1-877-721-3330.

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Remote file server for infrastructure as a service

Cloud Server Hosting

Remote File Servers

Partnering with NIC cloud services can help your business save money and stay on the cutting edge by providing infrastructure as a service. With remote file servers, your data is better protected from threats and service failures. Cloud-based server solutions can be customized to provide the best possible service for your business.

Cloud-Based Email and Phone

Cloud-based email and phone systems offer more flexibility than traditional systems. Cloud services are more secure, flexible, convenient, and cost less than in-house resources. By having cloud-based services, you’re able to recover faster following a disruption or system failure.

Scale Your Business


Infrastructure as a service offers more flexibility and reliability than traditional servers by keeping business operations agile and cost efficient. Upgrades and expansions are simple and easy to implement.


Cloud server hosting offers ease and convenience, keeping businesses up to date with new and emerging technologies. Run your company from anywhere while knowing you’re better protected and better prepared.


Security can be difficult to maintain within your own systems. Infrastructure as a service solution providers understand and prepare for cybersecurity threats in order to keep your data safe.

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