Virtual Desktop Services in Los Angeles & Beyond

Virtual desktops offer a myriad of advantages over traditional hardware-based systems. Storing and managing employee accounts on a centralized server eliminates the majority of today’s and tomorrow’s internal and external security threats. A well-engineered virtual desktop infrastructure also provides a level of convenience unattainable with standard individual desktop systems.

By implementing virtual desktop services, Los Angeles investment firms and financial service companies can also drastically cut down on software and maintenance costs. Partner with NIC to upgrade your system’s security while simultaneously reducing overhead expenses.

How It Works

Instead of installing desktop software on each computer, a virtual desktop infrastructure lets you store, manage, and secure all of your company’s desktop systems on one central server. This significantly reduces the chances of accidental or intentional security compromises. Additionally, it allows you and your staff to access your desktops remotely.

Streamline Your Computer System

Our experts in virtual desktop services for Los Angeles firms can reduce unnecessary expenditures by eliminating the need to purchase individual software and upgrade packages. Scanning your system for cyber threats is also much easier with a streamlined, centralized system. Because your employees aren’t storing or transporting essential data, you don’t have to worry about accidental security breaches.

Upgrade Your Desktop Infrastructure Today

By investing inusing our innovative virtual desktop services, Los Angeles companies can gain a variety of benefits with no drawbacks. Whether you’re looking for additional security for peace of mind, or if you need to streamline your computer systems, we can help. Contact NIC today to get started.