Supplemental On-Demand IT Support Services

Supplemental On-Demand IT Support Services

We understand the frustration you feel when one of your critical IT resources is down. Even when a simple glitch is all that causes a network to crash or a computer to freeze, it can still make your business lose money. With our on-demand IT support plan, these types of unexpected problems can be resolved quickly, at any time of day. To customize a plan for receiving timely support when your network demands it, contact us for a free consultation.

Around the Clock Network Support

A business doesn’t need to stay open 24 hours to require around the clock support. If your network facilitates a business website that customers or clients can visit at any time, this alone justifies around the clock support. Even if you don’t have IT responsibilities during non-business hours, fixing network resources that go offline during non-business time can prevent them from becoming headaches in the morning, at the start of the business day.

Whether the most important function of your IT network is supporting communication between team members or facilitating an eCommerce site, it needs agile, responsive support that you can depend on. Essentially, the supplemental services in your on-demand IT support plan will make your network more dependable. Even in the middle of the night, if a server crashes or a computer requires prompt desktop support, our technicians will resolve the issue efficiently.

Proactive Support, Reactive Response

Our support plans are designed to stop problems in your network before they start. However, if a problem arises, proactive planning will suddenly mean nothing. You need a fast response to the issue that occurs with your business needs in mind. This is what our on-demand IT support plan offers. With our supplemental IT services at your disposal, your network will be up and running again, as soon as possible—regardless of the hour, or the day of the week.

Preventing IT problems is the top priority of our support services. We monitor your network and its computers, so we can eliminate issues before they compromise your business. But unexpected issues do occur—and when they do, our on-demand services have you covered.

Extended Services, Enhanced Support

To provide the highest level of responsiveness for your support needs, we also offer remediation planning services, which support efficient IT processes, and disaster recovery planning services, which support business continuity by providing emergency resources.

When remediation planning and recovery planning are combined with an on-demand IT support plan, your network is supported to the ultimate degree. During your free consultation with us, inquire about receiving these services, as part of a plan for comprehensive support.

Contact NIC for On-Demand Support

A glitch that affects network functionality can occur at any time: morning, noon, or in the middle of the night. Because your business time is literally valuable, it can’t be wasted on waiting for IT fixes. With our on-demand IT support plan, your wait is as short as possible.

To get affordable IT support that you can depend on at any time, schedule a free consultation, and tell us your needs. We’ll work with you on customizing a plan for your requirements.

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