Professional IT Services for Finance and Investment Companies

Cyber security in finance is more critical than ever. Targeted attacks are becoming increasingly common, and high-worth financial firms are often a first choice. That’s why we provide effective, dependable IT services for finance companies to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

We go above and beyond to keep your company’s vital systems running uninterrupted, safeguard your private data, and maintain your network’s integrity at all times.

Custom Solutions

We specialize directly in cyber security in finance. The needs of an investment firm will naturally differ from those of a merchandising business, and that’s why we cater our IT services specifically to the financial realm.

Every organization has its own unique intricacies, and our tailor-made IT services for finance companies reflect our commitment to providing ongoing, impenetrable security that caters to your firm. When you partner with NIC, you only pay for the services that your organization requires – no more and no less. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to security.

Preemptive Security Measures

The best way to handle cyber attacks and data breaches is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. After all, even if recovery options are available, a successful attack can damage your company’s reputation, lead to a loss of intellectual property, and compromise the private information of your company and clients.

Penetration Testing and User Training

Because many successful infiltrations are due to uninformed employees falling prey to Trojans, phishing attempts, and other disguised attacks, we provide both technological and educational solutions to stop external and internal vulnerabilities. Our IT services for finance companies include on-site consultations that allow us to recognize and stop high-risk behaviors.

Full-Time Monitoring

Our dedicated experts also monitor your company’s system full-time, ensuring that all threats are eliminated before they can cause harm. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, and we make it a point to provide cutting-edge solutions that are always one step ahead. Cyber security in finance requires constant, ongoing vigilance, and you can count on NIC to provide that.

OCIE Compliance

In addition to educating your staff and monitoring your system, we make sure that your company is always following the ever-changing OCIE (Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations) guidelines. These regulations shift after every successful cyber attack, so staying up to date with the complex OCIE guidelines can be time-consuming.

Cloud Data Storage

Storing your data locally puts the private information of your business and its clients at risk. We offer off-site data management centers that allow you to migrate all of your data into the cloud for unparalleled security, convenient remote access, faster performance, and hardware damage prevention.

Disaster Recovery

Our IT services for finance companies cover both before and after situations. If a worst case scenario occurs, we’re available at a moment’s notice — 24/7, 365. Recovering from an attack requires immediate, decisive action, and our experts possess the technical skills, experience, and resources required to get your systems back on track quickly and safely.

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