Cyber Security For the Banking & Financial Services Industries

As more financial services move online, the risk of data breaches and other malicious attacks only grows. Combat these threats with cyber security measures custom developed for your firm. At NIC, we utilize the most advanced detection and elimination tools to offer you the best cyber security for the banking and finance sector.

Preemptive Solutions

Data theft isn’t something to be dealt with after the fact—it needs to be addressed before it occurs. Our cyber security solutions identify and eliminate network vulnerabilities before they can be compromised. We engage in constant oversight of your network to monitor the health of your system.

Employee Training

One of the most common breaches of your system’s integrity is user error such as improper downloads, poor password choice, usage of outdated platforms, or insufficient security settings. We provide training programs for your employees so they can help maintain the security of your network. We help your staff identify and eliminate high-risk behavior to shore up your security.

Constant Vigilance

As a leader in cyber security for the banking and finance sector, we offer nuanced security protocols that include 24/7 monitoring and detection, off-site data management, anti-penetration tools, training programs and more.

Protect Your Assets

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it with cyber security services from NIC. Contact us today to discuss your security concerns.