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Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber threats are one of the most severe dangers that your business faces in the present digital age. No matter how advanced your infrastructure is, without proper security measures for your network, computers, and your data, your business is always in a vulnerable position. A cyber-attack has the potential to cripple organizations to the point of bankruptcy. Unlike common misconception, such attacks do not always originate from outside your organization. Employee negligence also accounts for a number of security incidents.

The most concerning aspect is the constantly and quickly evolving nature of the security risks. The traditional approach of protecting your most crucial system components is simply not enough Implementing IT network security solutions for your business has become a complex process that calls for the expertise of experienced professionals.

At NIC, we understand the significance of protecting your business from cyber threats. NIC provides proactive and adaptive approach to implementing IT security measures that can be adjusted as your business and the nature of the risks change.

Our Cyber security service is classified into the following three categories  to serve different requirements and demands of our clients (click on thumbnail to view more):


Cyber Security Consulting

With vast current client experience in containment and remediation of cyber attacks, we provide you with expert guidance and technical consulting regarding possible cyber security threats and recommendations on how to counter them.. Our consultants help you formulate adequate and cost-effective business strategies that are compliant with the cyber security laws. They guide you in areas of IT organization, technology, infrastructure deployment and government standards for evaluation of IT products.

  • When you partner with us, our Cyber Security Fusion Center helps you to identify, understand and address all the existing security loopholes in your business operations while working on a strategy to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Implementing security measures has always been perceived by business executives as a major hindrance in the successful completion of projects. At NIC, we make sure you don’t feel the same way. Our experts guide you in developing solutions that best integrate with your processes, workforce, and technology.
  • As a part of our consulting services, we offer a performance review of your current system and operations. We analyze all the components of your infrastructure, including past performance logs and assess the compliance of the products and their level of vulnerability. Based on these findings, we recommend to you the most pragmatic and cost-effective solutions that fulfill your requirements.
  • To protect your businesses from being exposed to risks due to employee negligence, we prepare detailed assessments of your workforce – which may not just be limited to your cyber security division. A minor flaw by any of your employees can result in your entire organization being exposed to a threat. Our team conducts interviews with them to assess their understanding of the threats and practices they need to deploy. We then prepare evaluation reports for each of them. Afterwards, you can decide your further course of action, which may include training your staff. If needed, we will setup one on one, or group training sessions for your employees to learn cyber security best practices.
  • After we have carried out all the assessments, we provide you detailed reports containing our findings, recommendations, and the most suitable follow-up plans. Our experience in the cyber security implementations across a wide variety of industries helps us set recommendations for the best security measures needed to deploy for your business. We understand that cyber security measures are mandatory in the present age, but at the same time, do not provide you direct returns. So we take into account your budget and technological constraints while advising you.

At NIC, we pride ourselves in recommending the best and the most suitable solutions, which fulfill your needs and do not drain your resources. We provide you one single point of contact to ease your communication with us and guarantee you help and consultation in real-time.

By opting to choose NIC as your security consultant, you choose the services of a firm that provides actionable plans with realistic budget and time estimates. Our consultants have many years of experience in cyber security and can help you address your security concerns and achieve needed compliance. Get in touchwith us to know more about out consulting services.


Cyber Security Solutions

As a profit-oriented business, you need to operate in a fiercely competitive environment, bringing innovation to the marketplace. You need to connect with customers and collaborate with vendors and suppliers. As you include more sophisticated technology such as mobile apps or third-party virtual environments such as cloud computing, your business is exposed to new risks.

NIC offers a wide array of solutions to protect you from the constantly looming threats – be it a basic malware or a targeted cryptolocker attack at your business. Our solutions help you to secure your data, applications, networks and cloud-based platforms.

  • We provide Application Security services to businesses looking to implement advanced security measures in their enterprise applications. We run a thorough scan of all your applications which are already deployed as well as the ones still under development and implement proper remedies to resolve the threats.For your applications with user endpoints, we define whitelists to restrict the apps and codes running on these endpoints. This enforces proper cyber security policies and application management at these endpoints, which are most vulnerable to misuse and attacks.
  • If you want to secure your database, our solutions frequently monitor your complete database and alert you of critical issues, which demand further action. These services also keep track of the user activity in critical databases to identify all the vulnerabilities in your structure and address them accordingly. If you happen to have a web application for your business, we protect it from misuse and attacks by malicious codes.
  • Businesses are getting more inclined towards cloud computing solutions mainly due to the agility and pay-per-user basis of charge. But such a shift to virtual computing also aggravates the security concerns. NIC provides Cloud Security Services to address these concerns in the virtual environments. We use industry-leading security software in our services to guarantee you full protection of your cloud-based servers and the infrastructures/software you pay for.Our Cloud security services include the Anti-Malware protection tool, which protects you from malicious software and activities and detects and blocks the sources automatically. We include features to protect your servers from extra workload by detecting and blocking unwanted user activities. We help you maintain the integrity of the mission-critical files and settings. Our solutions make sure that these files are never accessed by personnel who do not have the proper authorization.
  • The services we provide are equipped with Identity and Access Management tools so that you can control the flow of sensitive information within your business. With the increased vulnerability of the user end points, this service proves to be useful for businesses to enable the right employee with the proper authorization only to have access to the data.
  • For businesses that want to implement more stringent security measures over their company network, we provide a state of the art firewall that controls information flow through the network. This gives you better visibility and control over your IT assets. We ensure that you can interact securely with your employees, customers and suppliers and share company data without compromising on security.

NIC provides you all these services as a pay-per-user model, with all the configurations that can be customized to your needs. Modifying your subscriptions is only a tap of a button away. All of our security solutions are offered in flexible packages that allow you to include additional features, whenever you feel your business needs it.

NIC is your one-stop shop for all of your cyber security requirements. We provide you with the latest security measures for your total infrastructure. Whether it is your business data, your company networks or the cloud server that you need to protect – we have the perfect services for you! And our services can be completely personalized to your demands. Contact us to know more about our cyber security solutions and learn how we can protect your business from the imminent threats.


Cyber Security Compliance

This section of our services is mainly aimed at investment management firms, private equities firms, security exchanges, clearing agencies and other entities like broker-dealers, transfer agents, and investment advisors, who wish to stay in compliance with the cyber security norms laid by the OCIE (Office of Compliance Inspection and Examination).

The OCIE frequently changes its regulations based on the latest risk alerts and threats. We help you stay in compliance with all the standards specified by OCIE for the evaluation of cyber security preparedness of a firm. The OCIE inspects your businesses based on the best practices laid out in the NIST framework for improving critical infrastructure security, which are very closely aligned with global standards as ISO27001.

The OCIE assessment is a measure of your firm’s understanding, maturity, and preparedness of the cyber security measures deployed. As industry leaders in helping firms to comply with rigorous global standards for their IT products, NIC helps your business to stay in compliance with the OCIE regulations.

Whether you are a large brokerage firm that wishes to align your existing cyber security implementations with the OCIE regulations or a small startup with a small budget that wishes to establish a comprehensive security plan, compliant with particular industry standards, we offer the right services for you.

We offer your business with expert guidance and counseling through our Cyber Security Readiness Assessment Program. We evaluate your existing protection standards and recommend you solutions based on the same to make you compliant with the OCIE regulations. We also offer implementations in your existing Cyber Security Plan after having run a full risk and readiness assessment.

In light of the increasing frequencies of targeted cyber-attacks on financial institutions, which previously were deemed to be unattractive targets for cybercrimes, the SEC’s focus on cyber security has resulted in more stringent regulations to be followed by your firm. Contact us today to know more about our Compliance program and how we can prepare your firm for the OCIE’s investigation as well as cyber threats.

At NIC, we take the security of your business serious. In an environment where security threats constantly evolve faster than you can implement measures, we undertake rigorous efforts to protect your business from any type of threat, external or internal. Our consulting services are aimed at providing you the best advice and recommendations, not only for your infrastructure but also for your workforce. We ensure that our recommendations are adequate enough to protect your business and at the same time, do not drain your resources.

Our cyber security implementations are designed to protect your business infrastructure – be it your data, your applications, web tools or your cloud infrastructure from malicious threats and exposure to attacks. We also ensure that your critical business data stays protected, while ensuring a smooth exchange of company data through ourIdentity Management Tools.

For firms that need their cyber security measures to be in compliance with the SEC’s OCIE regulation and other global standards, we provide expert guidance to help them make proper modifications in their cyber security controls. We also implement upgrades in your protection policy to ensure that you always stay in compliance with the latest regulations. NIC has successfully guided a client through an OCIE examination and has intimate knowledge of SEC’s cybersecurity expectations.

NIC combines the many years of experience we have in Information Security with the latest tools and measures to protect your business. We offer personalized plans for organizations with different requirements and demands. With complete end-to-end solutions overlooking every aspect of your businesses’ security, we assure you would never have to look elsewhere for your security programs. Get in touch with us for an assessment of your preparedness for a cyber-attack. Learn from experts how to implement the best practices.

Whatever your security concerns may be, rest assured: we have got it covered! With us, you have the freedom to select any combination of the services within the ones listed based on your unique business requirements. We will charge you only for the services, which you actually use.