Cloud Services – El Segundo

Cloud Services – El Segundo

Digital experts agree that companies that utilize cloud storage for data distribution and management can free up time and money while increasing their cyber security. While this is obviously a win-win situation, migrating an entire server can be a daunting and costly project. This is where NIC comes in. With our cloud computing technologies for El Segundo firms, we’re able to bring the expert insight needed to update your system, so you can focus on day-to-day operations and growing your business.

Accessible & Accessible Cloud Computing Technologies

Maintaining a server onsite isn’t ideal these days. Hardware and maintenance can drain your company’s financial resources and your data could be vulnerable to hacks without adequate protection. This is why cloud computing technologies can benefit your company.

Utilizing our servers gives you the freedom to focus on your core business activities and not on data center maintenance. Our servers are protected with 24/7 security, a climate controlled environment, continuous monitoring, and even backup power generators.

Our servers allow you to focus on your business’ core activities and forward-thinking growth and not on routine server upkeep. With our 24/7 security, climate-controlled environments, vigilant monitoring, and backup power generators, we take every necessary measure to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Additionally, our cloud-based services include a hosted Microsoft Exchange server for Unlimited Storage, Outlook, and Outlook Web as well as Mobile Active Sync and even an optional Blackberry Enterprise service to support business users still using that platform.

Comprehensive support

As a trusted cloud cloud computing technologies provider we also bring to the table better services with proven uptime and availability. Take your business into the future with our comprehensive data storage solutions.

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