Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

With today’s ever-increasing cyber security threats, organizations must take drastic measures to ensure the security of their cyber assets. Conducting regular risk assessments is a foundational element of any cybersecurity policy that’s used to determine the vulnerabilities that an organization faces. Implementing a comprehensive risk assessment program, including penetration testing is vital but can be a big challenge.

Experienced cybersecurity experts with expertise in ethical hacking and hands-on experiencing exploiting vulnerabilities in IT systems are hard to find, hire, and retain. Even with the capacity to build such a team, the truth is, ensuring that their skills are up-to-date will require continued investment in training and tools, which can be costly for your organization. Leaving this core part of your IT security – penetration testing, to a penetration testing company may be the solution.

Why NIC?

NIC has been providing professional-grade IT Solutions and Cloud Services to businesses and organizations for more than 14 years. Our experienced team of IT and cybersecurity experts utilize the latest cyber tools, techniques, and procedures to reduce the growing threats that your business faces. Our penetration testing services assess your entire infrastructure, including networks, business systems, and applications by creating real-world cyber attack scenarios in a professional and controlled way.

We’re a trusted source for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that are designed to measure the risks you face and evaluate the consequences that a cyber attack or data breach may have on your operations and resources. As a well-recognized penetration testing company, NIC can provide you with prioritized remediation recommendations, including identified vulnerabilities during regular penetration tests and detailed attack-path information to enable a well-informed and precise response to any potential threats.

Reliable Penetration Testing Solutions

Every business owner and organizational executive is aware of the potential damage that hackers, ransomware, and spyware can do. Your data and network deserve more protection from malicious threats. Investing in the latest cybersecurity tools and training your workers is not enough. NIC works closely with you to implement a pro-active penetration testing program that ensures your business or organization is one step ahead of potential threats.

Our penetration testing company’s process includes five critical stages:

  • Planning and reconnaissance – We define penetration testing goals and gather the necessary intelligence needed.
  • Scanning – We use both static and dynamic analysis, combined with our advanced tools to understand how different targets respond to intrusions.
  • Gaining access – We launch controlled web application and network attacks to uncover the vulnerabilities you face.
  • Maintaining access – We use this process to see if a vulnerability can be successfully used to maintain a persistent presence in exploited networks or systems to steal private data.
  • Analysis – We compile a report providing a thorough analysis of the penetration testing services so your security personnel can patch vulnerabilities and protect your business or organization against future attacks.

Partner With Us at NIC

If you’re looking for a reliable penetration testing company for your enterprise, look no further but NIC. Our IT solutions help you meet regulatory requirements and preserve customer loyalty and corporate image by preventing data loss incidents that put your reputation and customer trustworthiness at stake. With our transparent network monitoring solutions, we’re able to quickly identify and eliminate risks before they can impact your day-to-day operations.

Want to learn more about our penetration testing solutions? Contact NIC online or call us at 1-877-721-3330 for a free managed services consultation.