Disaster Recovery – Santa Monica

Disaster Recovery (Santa Monica)

At NIC, we believe the best IT disaster recovery plan involves preventative and contingency protocols. This ensures the security of your data even in case of catastrophic failure. The best disaster recovery plans start with measures that prevent disaster from ever occurring.

By combining consistent monitoring, backup server redundancy, and other data protections we protect your valuable information from potential loss.


Since our cloud based servers are the first line of defense against data loss, the first step we take in ensuring your information is recoverable is a step towards a cloud based system. Because we utilize SSAE 16 servers to host your data, our servers provide reliable disaster protection for your data and other sensitive information. These servers are built to withstand almost any natural disaster.

We also utilize remotely located backup servers that provide near seamless transitions from our main data center in case of any problems. We manage and maintain state-of-the-art servers in a secure, climate controlled environment to ensure our system runs smoothly.


Data corruption and other information loss issues can occur at any moment, so we offer 24/7 emergency support for your business and technical needs. Our IT disaster recovery plan includes consistent monitoring and a wide range of options—all in an effort to minimize the risk of data loss.

Don’t put your sensitive and valuable information at risk, protect it with one of our comprehensive disaster recovery plans.