How to Harness Cloud Computing for Your Business

In the traditional IT infrastructure, companies buy all their hardware and software and set it up on-site. Not only do you have the cost of purchasing all of your servers, cables, computers, and other equipment, you also have the cost of maintaining it. And because technology changes rapidly, best practices dictate you replace that equipment fairly often.

In addition to the cost of initial purchases, software licensing, maintenance, and replacing equipment, the traditional way means that you must also hire a person or a team of people to administer and maintain your network. All of these costs begin to multiply as your business grows. Depending on the size of your organization, the recurring costs in salaries, software, and equipment can put a major dent in your bottom line.

These are just a few of the reasons companies worldwide are turning to cloud business solutions. Here are some of the ways you can save money, improve security, and improve efficiency by implementing cloud computing for your business.

Cut Costs with Cloud Servers

Instead of buying and maintaining servers on-site, you connect to servers located in a secure data center provided to you as a service by another company. By partnering with a provider of cloud server services like NIC, you can reap the rewards of cloud computing for business.

Benefits of Cloud Servers

  • Improved Security
  • Easier Upkeep
  • Less Equipment Taking Up Space
  • Reduced Overhead Costs
  • Off-Site Data Storage
  • Unlimited Storage

With remote file servers, you also get cloud-based email on a securely hosted Microsoft Exchange server. Your data is protected by spam and virus filters, which gives you the security you need. Most importantly, you can get cloud business solutions customized specifically for the size and needs of your business.

Create a Global Office with Virtual Desktops

Another key component of cloud computing for business is the virtual desktop. It’s the modern alternative to installing desktop software on each computer. Virtual desktop infrastructure allows you to manage, store, and secure all of your organization’s desktop systems on one central server. This greatly improves security and protects against cyber threats as well as accidental security breaches. Your staff can access your desktops remotely, which is great for a contemporary work environment that includes telecommuting. Traditional desktop setups don’t provide that same convenience.

A virtual desktop infrastructure has become the go-to cloud business solutions for government entities, financial services, law firms, and other companies that require reliable cyber security due to the increased security benefits of managing everything on a centralized server. Another benefit of using cloud computing for business is the savings on software and maintenance costs.

Connect Better with Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a cloud-based phone system that offers many benefits over traditional phone systems. As with other areas of cloud computing for business, the chief advantage is savings on overhead costs. The money you save on hardware and software licenses alone are worth the investment. You’ll save on long distance fees as well as costs for hosting conference calls and other services.

With integrated tools that determine the best times to reach your customers, automated texting, and other features, cloud phone systems make it easy for you to engage potential and existing clients.

VoIP phone systems also allow your employees to access your phone system from remote locations, which is essential for collaboration across multiple locations. With your phone data stored securely in the cloud, you can also count on peace of mind from many kinds of IT disasters and security threats.

Back-Up Data in the Cloud

Failure of a hard drive can cost you valuable time and a lot of frustration if you lose important data. But it only takes one security breach to take you from a bad day to a global crisis. Depending solely on your computers is very risky, and cyber criminals are eager to find your vulnerabilities and exploit them.

When it comes to cloud computing for business, one of the best ways to safeguard your network and data is to utilize cloud backup services

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services Include:

  • Access Data Remotely from Anywhere
  • Eliminates Server Maintenance Expenses
  • Secure Email Storage
  • Spam and Virus Protection

From drive-by attacks to spyware, ransomware, hacking, or eavesdropping attacks, data not stored in a secure, centralized remote server can make your operation extremely vulnerable.

Recover Faster from Disaster

If you are unfortunate enough to have a security breach, power outage, or natural disaster, your important information may be protected. You can partner with a provider to make sure cloud computing for business is part of your disaster recovery plan.

With cloud business solutions specifically tailored to your business, you can stay compliant and get back up and running with little to no downtime. The security of having your data safely stored off-site with the ability to access it remotely can help keep your business afloat while you implement the rest of your recovery strategies.

Find Cost-Effective Cloud Services

Smart businesses around the world have turned to remote servers to improve their IT infrastructure. Storing data off-site provides tremendous savings on hardware and maintenance costs while adding extra layers of protection. With the proper credentials, your team can access your data or phone system from anywhere for a more effective and global organization.

NIC offers cloud computing for businesses all over Los Angeles and beyond. Our team of experts has been providing cutting-edge cloud solutions and support for over twenty years.

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