Our Best Practices For Cyber Security

Cyber Security Best Practices

Our cyber security solutions are designed for today’s high-tech business world, where hackers frequently steal sensitive information by exposing vulnerabilities in IT systems. To help you thwart the diligent attempts of would-be thieves, as they try to pry inside your network, NIC will assess the cyber security best practices for your business and help you turn them into an actionable plan of guidelines that implicitly mandates the participation of your entire staff.

The best cyber security practices can be thought of as essential support columns within a digital fortress that guards your private business information. Does your business use IT security that best support its needs and goals? If you aren’t sure, contact us to receive a free cyber security consultation. If necessary, we’ll help you make systematic improvements that offer stronger protection against internal and external threats to your digital business assets.

1. Create Security Guidelines

In workplaces where productivity depends on widespread synergy between staff and IT, employee practices typically affect network security the most. We’ll help you identify cyber security best practices and develop guidelines that clearly communicate them to employees.

In addition to holding an initial group meeting to ensure that everyone understands your expectations, consider asking your employees to sign a statement that pledges their support to uphold the new guidelines. Request their support during standard business hours. If you permit non-traditional work hours for employees to put in extra time, have your contract clarify that its terms extend to these hours, too.

From a security standpoint, try to make the agreement as airtight as the cyber security best practices that it represents. To help ensure that security guidelines remain fresh in mind, consider having employees recommit to the contract annually.

2. Provide Employee Training

NIC offers employee training programs that educate workers about their employers’ cyber security plans. We identify ways to help your staff preserve network security in their daily business environment. We can also train them to use a customized security system that we deploy for your business.

When your employees have a solid technical understanding of IT security guidelines, and they can implement the information efficiently, your network becomes a safer place to store sensitive business information. Our training programs provide staff with the knowledge they need to make their employers’ IT network security protocols actionable.

3. Perform Risk Assessments

Strong IT security requires consistent risk analysis that keeps you up to date on potential threats to data and information stored in your network. Assuming that the current IT security systems you already have in place are sufficient to keep your data safe is a risk in itself. By performing vulnerability assessments that support remediation planning, we’ll vigilantly assess your IT security risks and propose measures for reducing them. The goal is always to deter a risk to the greatest degree.

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Whether your business is newly formed, well-established, or somewhere in-between, NIC can provide IT security that makes your operations safer and more efficient. To gain insight into cyber security best practices for your business, schedule a free consultation today.