User-Based IT Support Plans

NIC will work with you to develop the perfect IT support service plan for your business. Our user-based IT support plans provide all-inclusive support for each of your users; and service is priced by individual user to keep your cost as low as possible. From choosing hardware to installing and updating software onsite to providing remote services, we create IT support plans that are customized to meet business needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

A Plan for Your Requirements

The goal of your plan is to help you use IT to your greatest advantage. Application lag, network vulnerabilities, and excessive network downtime are examples of productivity obstacles that businesses can eliminate through our support. This scenario earns you a better return on your IT assets in two ways: by improving user experience and by using them to improve revenue.

To achieve the best results, the plan must be customized for the technology you use and how you use it. After hearing your wants and needs, we’ll examine your IT network. Then, we’ll present a strategy that helps you take full advantage of your resources. We’ll help ensure that your IT remains reliable for daily use and technologically relevant to your business goals.

We also offer remediation planning and disaster recovery planning, which support the business continuity that your IT facilitates. Remediation planning helps your business prevent and respond to high-risk situations in the work environment, such as hacking that could lead to a data breach. Disaster recovery planning helps your business survive an event that destroys the IT network. If you don’t have a remediation strategy or a recovery strategy in place, please ask us about them.

A Plan That Deters Vulnerability

Non-customized IT support plans can be stressful for businesses. Instead of the provider serving the client, it can seem as if the client serves the provider. Without a customized support strategy, the client often tries to adapt to a ready-made solution. The imperfect fit can create gaps in support, which our customized, managed support services resolve.

Improper support creates two types of vulnerabilities: inherent and opportunistic. Inherent vulnerabilities can do harm on their own; they cause resources to fail, resulting in downtime. Opportunistic vulnerabilities are exposed by a separate factor — usually a hacker. They occur less often, but when they result in stolen data, they are usually much costlier to resolve. To help customize your plan, vulnerability testing can be performed on your hardware and software.

NIC administers the IT support services that your plan entails, but the plan yours to decide. Whether a single service, such as desktop support, is required, or comprehensive network support is what you need, we’ll provide our recommendation and then serve you as you choose. Our services can be retained in perpetuity, with the option to rescale at any time.

Simply Pay For What You Need

At NIC, our IT support plans are customized in every respect that could impact your business. In addition to creating a support plan for your network, creating a payment plan that fits your budget is a part of customization. If you need a creative way to invest in network support, we’ll explore every option available for keeping you within budget.

Network support is a necessity and not a choice; our support services are ethically priced with this in mind. If applicable, we’ll also explore the best combination of services for giving you the IT support you require, for a price you can afford.

Contact Us to Receive Customized Support

Whether you need partial or comprehensive IT support, NIC can customize an IT support service plan for your business. To discuss IT support plans, schedule a free consultation.