Allocated Hourly IT Support Plans

Our allocated hourly IT support plans reduce the cost of onsite IT assistance. When your business needs IT support, but not on a constant basis, paying for assistance by the hour offers the most value. You receive the benefits of having an IT professional working at your location. But paying an hourly rate for IT support replaces paying a salary, and benefits aren’t dispersed. Instead, you commit to service for the month ahead, with the option to commit further at any point.

Paying for support by the hour costs less than paying to get the same support from permanent staff. But when support is needed on a staggered basis, receiving it on a staggered basis doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the services rendered. Contact us today for a quote on an allocated hourly IT support plan for your business.

Support that Fits Your Network

Our trained team of professionals can help you address a wide range of IT concerns, starting with selecting the appropriate hardware for your network, installing and updating software, and performing scheduled IT maintenance. We can also help you execute initiatives that require considerable expertise, such as cloud migration, disaster recovery planning, and extensive cyber security upgrades. No concern is too limited or broad to receive our undivided attention.

Support that Responds Quickly

Our hourly IT support plans address issues that arise suddenly and require swift intervention. Whether you have a problem with a single desktop, or you face an obstacle that affects multiple IT capabilities, our specialists can respond at any time. If you don’t need support 24/7, a plan that has a 12/5 incident response window may be ideal. After examining your business-critical IT operations, we’ll propose an incident response management plan that aligns with your needs.

Support that Meets Your Budget

In the fiscal year ahead, imagine that you require a combined 30 days of onsite assistance for desktop support, computer telephony integration (CTI), and network security. If an allocated hourly support plan facilitated the work, you would receive three types of specialized assistance, while paying less than half of what it would cost to employ a full-time IT specialist of any kind, who is paid a median salary.

If you have a modest budget, our hourly IT support can create savings that make it easier to afford other IT needs. If you don’t require full-time IT support, why invest in full-time staff? Paying an hourly rate for IT support eliminates what any business that needs OT services hopes to avoid: overpaying full-time IT workers by underutilizing their work time.

Get Experienced Support at NIC

For over 20 years, we’ve provided Los Angeles area businesses with reliable IT support that creates reliable IT networks. To explore an hourly IT support plan that reduces overhead and enhances operations, schedule a free consultation.