Cloud Server Services in Los Angeles & Beyond

Businesses across the globe are migrating their data to cloud servers. Purchasing and maintaining physical servers depletes valuable company resources, and these days, it’s an unnecessary, costly investment.

Transitioning to cloud server services Los Angeles is an efficient strategy that offers a myriad of benefits, including improved security, easier upkeep, space efficiency, and reduced overhead expenditures.

Our Cloud Services

At NIC, we provide remote file servers for companies and firms in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer stable, secure cloud-based email on a securely hosted Microsoft Exchange server, ensuring that you never have to worry about your critical data being compromised.

Additionally, our cloud server services options in Los Angeles include the following features:

  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Outlook
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Mobile Active Sync
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Optional Blackberry Enterprise Service

Store Your Data Off-Site

We encourage you to utilize our remote file servers to improve your data center’s infrastructure. Storing your data off-site drastically reduces maintenance costs, while simultaneously expanding security to protect your system’s integrity. As an added advantage, our cloud services allow you to access your data remotely with proper credentials.

Let’s Get Started

Safeguard your company from leaks or data breaches and eliminate the unnecessary cost of in-house servers. Contact NIC today for more information on how you can give your organization the upper hand by partnering with leading experts in cloud server services for Los Angeles area businesses.