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Running a successful business in Los Angeles isn’t cheap. As Los Angeles natives, we know the potential challenges of overhead and have made it part of our mission to help local companies cut costs and increase efficiency by providing cloud hosting in Los Angeles.

This cloud-based service can revolutionize the way your company operates by streamlining almost every facet of your storage and communication technology.


NIC’s cloud-based services include a securely hosted Microsoft Exchange server, which allows you to consistently receive and send all of your important emails regardless of where you are. This server also provides additional services like spam and virus filtering, Outlook, Outlook Web Access and Mobile Active Sync, Unlimited Storage, and Optional Blackberry Enterprise service. Email plays a vital role in your company’s internal and external communication, and we will make sure it is always up and running when you need it.

Server cost and maintenance can be a huge drain on resources, especially for smaller firms or startups. Migrating the data distribution and management to the cloud is often an elegant and cost effective solution to this problem. At NIC, we specialize in providing comprehensive cloud hosting solutions. This includes migrating companies to a secure, offsite, network-based server that allows the control and utility of an on-site server without the high cost of hardware and maintenance. This also allows easy recovery in the event of substantial data loss.

For the top companies in the region, our cloud hosting services in Los Angeles help professionals of all industries maximize their potential. Let us help you put the cloud to work for your business, and enjoy the increased time and security of knowing your servers are stable and safe. Get back to doing what you do best: running your business.

At NIC, we succeed when you succeed.

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