Cloud Services for Law Firms

Maintaining and housing on-site servers can be a logistical challenge. It’s a massive drain on resources, requiring you to hire staff to update software and hardware, and maintain servers that take up valuable physical space. Migrating to the cloud is not only a cost-effective solution, it gives your law firm the flexibility it needs to be agile and protected.

NIC’s cloud services for law firms allows you to utilize the advantages of cloud-based computing.


One of the key benefits of migrating to the cloud is flexibility. You can access your database from virtually anywhere, giving your law firm the flexibility it needs to stay competitive. The cloud allows you, your colleagues, and your clients to maintain communication, share data and documents, and so much more—regardless of where you are.

No Maintenance

Maintaining servers on-site can be a huge drain on your resources. Migrating to the cloud places control of servers in the hands of highly trained experts. We use and constantly monitor our advanced SSAE 16 servers, offering unparalleled, comprehensive security for your data.

That means you get all the benefits of the best servers, software, and security at a fraction of the cost of operating them on-site.

Grow Your Business

Our cloud services for law firms streamline your data access and frees up valuable resources. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of migrating your network to the cloud.