How Cyber Attacks Are Evolving and What You Can Do

According to numerous indicators, including a sweeping survey of 330 service providers, cyber attacks are on the rise and poised to get worse. US intelligence officials have gone as far as to warn that such attacks and espionage pose a greater security threat to the United States than terrorism. Cyber attacks are growing in number, frequency, and scope, and are evolving in sophistication and means of attack.

However there’s no reason to lock yourself in a bunker just yet. Cyber security is becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective, with many useful services out there that you can utilize of in order to protect your business.

How Cyber Attacks are Evolving

Cyber attacks are on the rise because they are evolving so quickly. In many parts of the world, hacking has become a booming business, and there is a professionalization underway in which larger organizations are funding better pro hackers to devise more effective methods of attack. This is because cyber crimes are becoming more profitable as attack methods grow more effective, which frees up more money to invest on research, and the vicious cycle continues.

Hackers are devising more effective ways of infiltrating networks to gain information on their targets, and malware programs are better encrypted to protect their authors. This allows for more effective cyber-attacks in which the perpetrators get away with theft.

One of the chief methods today is the DDoS attack, which has proved to be a creative and destructive attack method. Cyber criminals are conducting their attacks with greater frequency, and the attacks are getting bigger.

What is At Stake?

So how are companies affected by the rise of cyber attacks? Many small and medium business leaders are assuming that these crime patterns will not affect them since these attacks seem to be targeting larger organizations and organizations that have some sort of political significance.

Unfortunately, this is a false perception. DDoS attackers can bring down vulnerable networks and then extort them for money, and cyber criminals can access all sorts of customer financials and other types of sensitive information. Many criminals are deliberately targeting small and midsize organizations because they don’t have sophisticated defenses. By ignoring this issue, you stand to risk the financial and personal security of your customers, and your company may even suffer downtime due to a DDoS attack.

What You Can Do

According to many cybersecurity experts, the worst cyber-attacks are best fought with cloud-based defenses that divert attacks away from intended targets. NIC offers cloud-based cyber security options, as well a dedicated team to help you put up effective defenses. We provide oversight of network and data security, deterrence and preventative measures, advanced monitoring and detection tools, and training to help your business stay protected.

With cyber attacks on the rise, you shouldn’t wait any longer to protect your business from hackers, spyware, and ransomware. Call us at 1-877-721-3330 and get started with our services today.

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