Cyber Security – Orange County


When much of your business involves sensitive online communication, the need for comprehensive cyber security is more important than ever before. At NIC, our management services team provides constant vigilance for your network, data, and security, so your business can stay ahead of the growing cyber security threat.


We believe the most effective cyber security firms are the ones that utilize proactive measures to ensure that data thieves and hackers are thwarted in their efforts.

To protect you before a crisis, our security services start with our state-of-the-art data center. In addition to 24/7 security from our center, we offer constant monitoring of advanced servers to keep sensitive information secure. Our fully-integrated plan keeps your data safe and secure through vigilance.


Cyber security compliance regulations are imposed by the OCIE. At NIC, we assess your firm’s security preparedness, security weaknesses, and compliance requirements. We’ll help you understand the governance of your specific industry’s protocols and meet your compliance requirements.


Unlike many cyber security firms, we believe that training is an important tool when fighting cyber threats. We’ll give you and your team the training and tools you need to monitor threats and stay ahead of hackers and data thieves.

Don’t put your valuable data at risk, work with NIC for a data management plan that fits your needs.

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