Dark Web Scan Service

As the number of cybercriminals increases and the tools they use to mine data becomes more complex, securing your information is more important than ever to keep your company safe. Dark web security scans monitor information on the web to help your company uncover information that has been compromised.

The dark web is often used by cybercriminals to buy and sell stolen financial and personal information, hacked passwords, and backdoor access to IT systems. If your company or customers’ information end up on dark web sites, an identity thief could gain access to your data. Using a series of tools to scan the dark web, NIC can identify sites and even data that has been collected on accounts associated with your company to build a picture of a potential security risk.

Dark Web Scan Service

NIC scans and monitors data pertaining to your company and your customers on dark web sites and databases. Our dark web security scans search sites that cannot be accessed through simple search engines. If there is information pertaining to your company that has been jeopardized, we help you mitigate the risk.

NIC runs a dark web scan service to determine what kinds of data have been compromised. Then we will propose a few options for how to minimize the damage.

If the case that information had been collected on the dark web, NIC works with your team to take the necessary precautions to prevent further harm to your company and your customers. Oftentimes, account passwords have been compromised. Using the dark web scan service, you can find out if any of your passwords have been stolen in a data breach. In these cases we will identify which accounts should be further monitored for attacks and provide recovery services in instances where sensitive data may have been stolen.

Keeping Your Company’s Network Secure

In a time when companies are required to host more information online, cyber criminals are taking extra measures to monetize from your data. NIC works with its partners to help them understand how they can secure their network and make sure their company and customer data are kept safe. Our dark web scan services and cyber security consulting ensure that your company’s operations run smoothly and securely.
If you are interested in partnering with NIC, we would be happy to set up a free consultation to keep your company secure. Contact us today.