Disaster Recovery Consulting

Disaster Recovery Consulting for Your IT Systems

Any business that conducts part of their business online is vulnerable to an IT disaster. Cyber attacks, natural disasters, equipment failure and more can bring business to a halt – and downtime can be exceedingly expensive.

A responsible business owner or manager knows the value of quick IT disaster recovery, getting their operations back on track within minutes, instead of hours or days. If you need a plan, start with disaster recovery consulting by NIC.

Personalized IT Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Your disaster recovery needs may vary considerably based on your IT infrastructure and the needs of your business. Whether you run IT system on-premise, operate over the cloud, or have other considerations like specialized software, the consultants at NIC will work with you to build recovery plans tailored to your business. These personalized disaster recovery plans come from our experience consulting firms across the country and in dozens of industries.

Our IT professionals can even work on-site with your team to ensure your systems are fully prepared in the case of a cybersecurity attack, natural disasters, equipment failure, or another type of incident.

Establishing Disaster Recovery Goals

Every successful company has some kind of competitive advantage. Your company’s disaster recovery program should align its competitive advantage through recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). One way to achieve these goals is to have an established set of procedures for data back-up.

The way that you store data for backup must also be compliant with government regulations, especially where customer information is concerned. NIC can help you stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA. This helps protect your business from fines and liability in the case of a cyber attack targeting the customer information you hold.

Storing Data As a Preventative Measure

As part of NIC’s disaster recovery consulting, our experts will work with your IT team to implement a robust cloud backup storage system. This ensures that your data is stored for the appropriate number of days and can be restored quickly in the case of an emergency.

NIC understands that data storage can be costly. We prioritize mission-critical data versus sensitive data versus auxiliary data, and the applications they service. With an understanding of your company’s IT budget, our disaster recovery consulting methods help ensure that you get the greatest value for your investment.

Post-Disaster Recovery

In the unfortunate case where a disaster has impacted your IT infrastructure, or a cybersecurity threat has breached your system, a quick response is essential. Having an IT support team on-site can help mitigate malicious attacks from spreading further and prevent more significant data loss.

There are several stages to fully recover from a disaster or attack. It can take several weeks for all systems to be back up and running on the existing data. Additionally, upgrades to software and firmware, as well as add-on features, may require new IT system investments. NIC helps streamline the transition from existing IT systems before the disaster, to newly adopted processes and methods that help prevent future disasters.

Consult NIC for a Disaster Recovery Action Plan

As a trusted partner, NIC delivers disaster recovery consulting services that are tailored to your business. Having a consultant that can provide advice on back-up configurations, as well as support in the case of an emergency, can help extend and strengthen your own IT team.

Schedule a free initial consultation to see how NIC can boost your disaster recovery systems and procedures. Contact NIC to speak with one of our disaster recovery experts.