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IT Disaster Recovery in El Segundo

More often than not, data storage and integrity are overlooked until those vital elements are compromised. While crucial measures and protocols are essential to data protection, many companies don’t implement them until after a massive data breach or attack. If you’re worried about your business’ ability to recover from a potential breach or attack, contact our skilled disaster recovery consultants. At NIC, work with businesses in El Segundo and beyond to maintain network security, storage, and data recovery.

Strategies from Top Disaster Recovery Consultants

Coming up with the right disaster recovery plan and putting it into action requires the help of experts who understand the threats and how to best prepare for them. It’s not as easy of thinking about password resets and server back-ups.

This is why our strategic disaster recovery starts with the most up-to-date servers we can manage. At NIC, we store your data using secure SSAE 15 servers built to survive any natural disaster or malfunction. To better protect your information, we also use remote servers if our primary data centers encounter issues.

Additionally, our servers are physically protected, in climate-controlled environments, with 24-hour security and backup generators.

Our disaster recovery consultants will work with you to come up with a plan that addresses your unique needs in a way that best meets company, customer and shareholder needs.

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To keep your company running and data accessible, we work around the clock to monitor our servers in addition to providing 24/7 maintenance and support. We’re prepared for any potential emergency with strategies in place that can minimize or prevent any data or time lost. Contact our disaster recovery consultants today.

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