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Cloud Computing Services For Your Company in Encino

Cloud-based computing is a dynamic, flexible solution to the complexities of the modern workplace. Migrating your data and IT services to an off-site, network-based server provides your company with all the control of an on-site server without the costs of maintenance and upgrades.

NIC provides top quality cloud computing services for your company.


One of the chief advantages of cloud-based services are the cost benefits. On-site servers need constant maintenance and upgrades. The cost of housing and maintaining servers can be prohibitive for many smaller firms and startups.

Cloud computing gives your company all the advantages of current technology without the overhead required to maintain it yourself.


We know just how valuable your business data is for your company. We utilize server redundancy and state of the art security to keep your valuable data safe and secure. We employ data centers in Los Angeles and Phoenix. We simultaneously back up all your data at both locations.


Let’s face it. Cloud computing is good for business. It provides the technology to make your business more dynamic and flexible. With unlimited storage and mobile syncing your team can be in constant contact regardless of physical proximity. Utilizing the cloud allows you to respond any contingency in real time.

Cloud-based services give your business the technology it needs to be competitive in the modern marketplace. NIC is a leading cloud computing services company in Encino. Let us help you streamline your data access and improve your business.

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