How Windows 10 Upgrades Benefit Online Businesses

Running an online business requires hard work, constant dedication, and the flexibility to expand and evolve where necessary. Utilizing the most recent software updates helps your online business grow and thrive in the highly competitive digital marketplace.

The Windows 10 Enterprise upgrade can be advantageous for your online business in many ways. From providing better security to offering mobile device management, Windows 10 Enterprise benefits your business from top to bottom.

Here, we’ll cover just a few of the many benefits Windows 10 Enterprise offers your online business.

Mobile Management

One of the greatest assets of any online business is its flexibility and mobility. Employees, freelance staff, and IT can coordinate data and other company related work from decentralized locations. While the versatility of a digitally mobile staff has many benefits, mobile device management has often been difficult and fraught with security issues.

One of Windows 10 Enterprise best benefits is its mobile device management (MDM). MDM allows all of your phones, tablets, and other devices to be managed centrally if they’re running on Windows 10.

Mobile management is incredibly useful for online businesses. Now, many enterprises employ freelance and other mobile employees who use their own devices. And with the BYOD (bring your own device) economy, there are needs for increased security and device management for most online businesses. With Windows 10 Enterprise, you can help you control, manage, and secure your staff’s mobile devices.

Increased Security

As you know, security is one of the primary concerns for any online business. Among the many benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise is the ability to protect valuable customer and company information. This upgrade offers many security features including two-factor authentication that can be setup to utilize biometric signatures to ensure only authorized users can access company devices.

Information Protection

When you upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise you’ll have the added benefit of state of the art data security. Utilizing a containerization file technique, Windows 10 keeps personal and professional data separate. This allows corporate data to be wiped from personal devices without impacting any private information or data that may also be on the device.

Device Guard

Device guard is a feature that restricts the software devices are able to run. This feature provides extra provisions against malicious code hacks from infiltrating your enterprise. This flexible feature allows your company to define which software programs and apps are trustworthy enough for use.

Device Encryption

When data encryption is activated in Windows 10 all a device’s drives are protected by encryption algorithms that can only be decrypted by an authorized party using account passwords. This protection makes it easier for users to access the system. It also makes unauthorized attempts at access more difficult.

Data Encryption

One of the most useful Windows 10 Enterprise benefits is its data encryption protections. This feature ensures that only authorized users are able to view encrypted data. If a file is accidentally sent to the wrong person they won’t be able to decrypt the file and view it. This advanced data encryption ensures that sensitive company data remains protected.

If a device is lost or stolen the data will be protected. The data encryption ensures third parties won’t be able to access sensitive information. Additionally, network administrators have the ability to retrieve and wipe data from devices that are lost, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted for.

App Management

AppLocker allows your enterprise to “specify which users or groups can run particular applications in your organization based on unique identities of files.” This feature allows you to control what apps your staff uses. It also allows your company to create a private section of the Windows App Store with a collection of pre-approved apps that your staff can use. You will also be able to assign specific apps for specific employees to ensure your staff, data, and software are protected.

You can also side load apps using Microsoft 10. This allows you to utilize internally developed apps that won’t be released publicly. If your company creates its own apps for employee use this is an incredibly beneficial feature that allows you to keep internal corporate apps private.

Group Configuration

Windows 10 Enterprise benefits the way you control and manage a wide variety of devices and machines. Windows 10 allows you to configure users and computers throughout your business. This feature helps keep sensitive data protected and can restrict the way your staff uses their devices—keeping them on task and lessening the risk of data breach.

UX Control

This feature allows your company to customize and control the user interface of a Microsoft device. In other words, it allows you to restrict the device to specific tasks. This is especially beneficial if devices are used for fixed assignments. For example, if your company utilizes Microsoft tablets for inventory, those devices would be restricted to that assignment only. This reduces the risk of malicious access and limits company wide data exposure.

Desktop Optimization Pack Access

Microsoft’s Desktop Optimization Pack is a suite of technologies that was only available as a subscription. This feature is included in the Windows 10 Enterprise upgrade. These optimization technologies help your company set up and run virtual desktops, employ encryptions, manage apps, and so much more. This free feature will help your firm operate its online business with greater ease and better security features.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Enterprise benefits your online business in so many different ways. It gives your company the flexibility it needs to compete in the modern workplace. It can help you control and manage the various tablets, computers, laptops, and mobile devices needed to successfully run your enterprise. It also adds security features that keep your devices, data, and customers safe and secure.

With so many benefits and advantages, it’s no wonder Windows 10 Enterprise is quickly becoming the software of choice for online business owners. Take advantage of these benefits and take your business to the next level with Windows 10 Enterprise.

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