IT Support – Los Angeles


As Los Angeles locals, we know how important it is to have on-site support. Your IT needs are no different. At NIC, we’ve provided managed IT support in Los Angeles for over a decade, and helped businesses with both remote and on site problem solving.

Your business doesn’t have time for its technology to go down, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t by implementing effective and stable systems, conducting vigilant maintenance, and following up with quick and effective response.


Our Help Desk provides an efficient and user friendly way to submit concerns, allowing us to take care of the problem so that you don’t have to. Every member of our staff is trained in resolving issues, whether on site or remotely. This includes something simple like fixing a slow computer, to the substantially more sophisticated, like migrating a server to a new office and everything in between.

At NIC we believe in proactive intervention. We fix problems before you even know about them, and we do this through transparent network monitoring and by identifying and eliminating structural issues before it can affect your business.

We’re proud of our contributions to this great city’s business growth, and proud of our record of client satisfaction. If you’re looking for managed IT support in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place.

Let us help you unlock your company’s potential by effectively utilizing the power of technology, teamwork, and expertise.

At NIC, we succeed when you succeed.

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