Cloud Services – Long Beach

Today, adaptability and accessibility are priorities for any business. When it comes to ensuring your network and data are readily available, you should only trust a cloud hosting company that can ensure you receive reliable storage solutions for your business. Whether you’re in Long Beach or anywhere else in the Greater Los Angeles area, we specialize in providing custom solutions that increase your company’s productivity while minimizing IT issues.

NIC – A Cloud Hosting Company You Can Trust

We utilize cloud-based services that include securely-hosted Microsoft Exchange servers, which let you access and deliver important emails regardless of your location. Along with additional services such as spam and virus filters, we also provide Outlook, Outlook Web Access, unlimited storage, Mobile Active Sync, and optional Blackberry Enterprise services.

Server upkeep can be a drain your financial resources, especially if you’re focused on growing your business. As such, migrating data distribution and management to our cloud server offers an easy and cost-effective solution.

At NIC, we specialize in creative yet intuitive solutions that work for your business. This includes transferring your data to an offsite, network-based secure server that provides the utility and control of an onsite server without the cost of hardware and maintenance. This remote solution also allows for quick recovery should you encounter a data loss or malfunction.

The Necessary Security You Need

If your business relies more on security and privacy – a cloud hosting company can also help. While some concerns about just how secure the cloud is may have been an issue in the past, today the opposite it true.
Trusting a cloud hosting company to handle the upkeep and monitoring of your services and network actually means greater security. Think about how easily and readily they can respond to threats or other issues as they happen – and before they have the ability to impact your business.

If you’re ready to explore the endless possibilities of cloud computing, contact NIC today.