Cyber Security – Long Beach

As business operations continue to move online, NIC is here to offer cyber security solutions for Long Beach businesses. If you have important customer and client data, protecting this information in-house may be cost- prohibitive and time-consuming. However, you don’t have to tackle this problem alone. At NIC, we specialize in secure digital solutions for a variety of businesses.

Cyber Security Solutions In Long Beach and Beyond

Our team will constantly monitor, and vigilantly protect your systems, so that you are free to focus on running your small business or large organization. For businesses in Long Beach and beyond, cyber security isn’t just about fixing system breaches after important data is lost. It’s about reducing high-risk behaviors and noticing threats before they affect you.

Staying Current

With every new cyber attack, the Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations (OCIE) has to adjust their guidelines. We provide cyber security for Long Beach businesses by keeping current with these guidelines so that you don’t have to. It’s time consuming to stay up to date on these standards, but is vital for all companies, especially those in the financial sector.

Helping Your Employees

Besides working with company owners and leaders, we can train your employees to do their part in maintaining security. One way we do this is teaching how to safely and efficiently access information.

Contact NIC, and let us protect your network and data.