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We keep hearing all about the benefits of the cloud and why it makes sense for businesses to make the move – but one thing we sometimes forget to talk about is disaster recovery.

In the past, disaster recovery was a challenge because of the cost and complexity it involved for businesses. But today, operating through the cloud make it possible to pick and choose from options that are more robust and cost-efficient.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a manager of a Long Beach area company, explore our full suite of IT disaster recovery services.


The best disaster recovery plan starts with state of the art servers you can rely on. At NIC, we host your data on our SSAE 16 data servers which are built to withstand almost any natural disaster. Additionally, we use remote servers in the Arizona desert to protect your data in case of main data center failure. In other words, our backups have backups.

We house our servers in a climate controlled environment, with 24/7 security, and backup generators, plus we provide continuous monitoring.

Comprehensive disaster recovery starts with advanced servers you can always rely on. At NIC, we store your data on SSAE 16 data servers, built to withstand almost any natural disaster and technical glitch. Additionally, we have remote servers located in Arizona, designed to protect your data in the event of a failure or malfunction at our main data center.

Additionally, our servers are housed in climate-controlled environments with backup generators, where they’re monitored around the clock.


Regardless of what could happen, we understand your need to have a plan in place to keep your company’s network and data accessible in the event of an emergency. We can help you strategize on a personalized plan that takes every consideration into account. From secure, remote cloud hosting to the latest security protocols, we have the expertise and insight needed to guide your business confidently.

If you foresee your business needing IT disaster recovery services, contact NIC today.

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