IT Services

Every company has different needs when it comes to technology management. At NIC, we provide a diverse array of managed IT services in Los Angeles, helping clients from a variety of industries.

The trick, we’ve found, is customization. A brokerage is going to have profoundly different needs from a manufacturing office. Understanding the specific needs of your company is a specialty of our dedicated staff. As an experienced managed IT service provider, we have expertise in every facet of the IT services business, with a particular emphasis on those listed below.

Technology management is a critical component of running any successful business, and managing technology is what we do best. Schedule a free consultation with us today and see the benefits our partnership can bring to your business.Our supportive staff will be available to assist in any way you need quickly, with comprehensive managed IT service solutions in Los Angeles and beyond. Our staff is dedicated to maximizing uptime for all of your systems, including email, networks, servers, and computers.

Nothing is more frustrating than a computer freeze during an important project or discovering that your network is down, right in the middle of an important call with a client. Our diligent maintenance reduces the risk of anything going wrong, but if it does, our team has some of the fastest response times in the industry. It is our highest priority to keep the systems we developed with you running smoothly and efficiently with as few interruptions as possible.

Our tailor-made and managed IT service solutions for the Los Angeles area include everything from off-site network monitoring and remote assistance to on-site consulting. It all depends on what your organization needs. Our flexible options ensure that your systems are in capable, fast-acting hands.

One of the biggest financial investments for companies, especially among newer or smaller firms, is the initial costs of high-quality servers and maintenance. A cloud-based service can be a cost-effective and intuitive solution to maintaining expensive on-site equipment, as well as save on physical space.

We specialize in migrating companies to off-site, network-based servers that allow the control and utility of an on-site server without the high cost of hardware and maintenance. Knowing your data is safe with your managed IT service provider in our ever-evolving cloud-based hosting service is an excellent way to reduce overhead and maintain access and flexibility.Losing important data is not an option for most companies. Our disaster recovery services are a perfect solution for keeping data is secure, easily accessible, and consistently backed up on servers across the country, and managed by IT service providers here in Los Angeles.

By using our cloud-based servers, you’ll know that your data is protected by top-of-the-line security and can be recovered in even the most disastrous situations. No more stressing out about hard drive or server crashes; rest easy knowing your data is safe.

You may have heard about the extensive data breaches across many industries and government organizations, and you are right to be concerned. Cyber security is often overlooked, which can have disastrous results if your firm is unprepared.

At NIC, we take cyber security very seriously. We will make sure your network is safe from hackers, adware, and viruses by utilizing our extensive suite of tools. We also specialize in compliance with the OCIE (Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations) to make sure your systems are safe and up to date.

When you invest in our managed IT services in Los Angeles and beyond, you’re ensuring that the vital systems and technology your company depends on are in the best possible care. We have the expertise and skill set for creating solutions to improve your productivity and let you focus on growing your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I cannot say enough good things about the NIC team. We initially engaged them in a Help Desk capacity, but quickly expanded our relationship as we learned more about their capabilities. Over the past two years, they have become a critical trusted partner, leading several hardware migrations, equipment relocations and software upgrades. Whether it is 3pm or 2am, they have been there for us and always provided the required resources, counsel and insight. We are very fortunate to have Mike and the NIC team as part of our team!!”

“As a small business owner, outsourcing your non-core competencies provides clarity while running your business. Finding a reliable outsourcer can be difficult, but worth its weight in gold when you discover a company like NIC. Keeping up with bleeding edge technology is a difficult task, but NIC has never let me down. I’ve worked with them from their infancy with an on-site tech to the evolution of a cloud-based environment. I trust the vision and execution of the company’s leaders whole heartedly and can sleep at night knowing all of my technology needs are taken care of.”

“Since 2008 Aristotle Capital Management, LLC has been a client of NIC. NIC’s support team provides quick response and resolution to all of our technical needs on a 24×7 basis. Additionally, NIC’s cloud services provides our organization with a very reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. I highly recommend their services because of their expertise, reliability, and customer service.”

“The IT professionals at NIC have truly earned my trust and respect. They not only take the time to understand the customer’s needs, but they offer sound, practical and pragmatic solutions for complex business and technological needs. I retained NIC for a network discovery project in which they spent countless days and nights making sense of a completely undocumented network. They spent time with me serving as a sounding board and as technical advisors to help make sense of things. They were thorough in their discovery and extremely detail-oriented in their documentation and went above and beyond to address my needs. Without hesitation I would recommend NIC and their talented staff for any project; large, small and everything in between, they are truly professionals.”

IT support, IT consulting, and managed services all have a reputation for being complicated and frustrating. But NIC has a simple formula: Give us your IT problems and we’ll give you solutions. Trust NIC as your expert managed IT service provider. Our team can blend seamlessly with yours to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. Reach out for your free consultation today.