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Compliance with SEC,
Penetration Testing &
Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and resolve weaknesses in your security using the most effective method in the cyber security industry.
Compliance with NIST
800-171, SEC, & HIPAA

Ensure compliance with government security standards to avoid fines and minimize liability for customer information.
SIEM, Log Retention, & Log
Management Solutions

Trust NIC for security information and event monitoring. We’ll retain and manage event logs to help secure your network.

How Can IT Support With NIC Help Your Business?

Contending with a constantly evolving world of cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements can be time-consuming and expensive. If not done right, it can result in data loss or theft for you and your customers, legal liability, and even government fines. NIC IT support services can place certified IT experts on-location at your business to deliver cost-effective IT support quickly.

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Support

Whether your business is small or large, having IT support with NIC can help free up time for your staff to focus on keeping your business running smoothly.
Our certified IT professionals can support your IT department as-needed.
The Benefits of IT Support with NIC

– NIST 800-171, SEC, & HIPAA Compliance
– Penetration Testing
– Vulnerability Scanning
– Log Retention & Management Solutions

Let Us Support Your Business

If you need help setting up your network, protecting your network, or ensuring that you’re in compliance with regulations, our IT experts can come to your business and provide the support you need.

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