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Cloud Services in Newport Beach

With technological advances, it’s easier now more than ever to migrate data distribution, communication, and other files to a cloud in order to free up resources and improve cyber security within your own company. While the process of migrating your entire company’s data can seem daunting, we make the process easy and tailor our solutions to your business’ needs. At NIC, we’re proud to be an IT and cloud services company helping businesses in Newport Beach succeed.


Maintaining a service onsite is rarely ideal, and now, it’s no longer a necessity due to our comprehensive cloud services. Keeping track of hardware and maintenance can be a drain on your business’ financial resources and can actually leave your data more vulnerable to cyber threats. That’s why we work hard as a cloud services company to provide you a better alternative.


Keeping your company’s data on physical servers is risky. With more and more cyber attacks each day, it simply makes sense to be proactive and store your information on secure servers. Migrating your data to the cloud protects your sensitive and vital information from hackers, ransomware, spyware, and other threats online. In terms of physical protection, onsite servers are also vulnerable to physical damage, whether from earthquakes, fires, floods, or other structural failures. To fully protect your company’s data, let us manage your information remotely.

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Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that your company maximize its storage and security with a single cohesive strategy for cloud hosting. At NIC, we’re a cloud services company that also specializes in disaster recovery, cyber security, and routine IT support. With our expertise and insight, we’re confidant that we can help your Newport Beach business succeed.

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