Cyber Security – Newport Beach

Cyber Security (Newport Beach)

Cyber security is a growing concern for many businesses of all sizes and industries. With technology becoming a bigger and bigger part of daily operations, the threat of cyber attacks grows as well. That’s why you need a cyber security services firm on your side with the expertise and knowledge to protect your company’s digital infrastructure on all fronts. When you work with NIC, we can assure you that all of your company’s information and correspondence is always safe and secure.


While often overlooked, security compliance is a vitally important aspect of your company’s cyber security defenses. At NIC, we’ve worked for over 10 years providing cyber security services customized for compliance guidelines that your business needs to follow. After identifying regulations for which your business needs to comply, we’ll lay out a plan for implementation.


No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why we customize each cyber security plan based on our client’s unique needs. At NIC, we utilize the cyber security expertise of our team members to develop a plan that addresses your company’s concerns and evolves with your business.

Creating and maintaining a security plan will help you and your associates minimize the risk of hacks or data threat, allowing you to focus on your company’s success.


As a top cyber security services company, we always work to provide you with tools and expertise to minimize any security risk. In addition to identifying areas for improved security, we can train your team utilizing the most up-to-date compliance standards and best practices.

Work with us today and experience our advanced security techniques.

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