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IT Disaster Recovery in Newport Beach

Data loss can be traumatizing, whether it’s just a few files or an entire server. Computer crashes can erase hours, or even days of work, and a network malfunction can prevent you from accessing vital files or communications when you need them the most. For the worst case scenarios or day to day glitches, it pays to invest in comprehensive IT disaster recovery. At NIC, we specialize in strategies to maintain your business’ operations no matter what.


The optimal disaster recovery strategy starts with the most advanced servers our business can rely on. At NIC, we host your data on secure SSAE 15 servers built to survive any natural disaster or technical glitch. Additionally, we utilize remote backup servers in the event that our main data center experiences a malfunction. In other words, our backups have backups.

Our servers are also protected, in a climate controlled environment, with 24-hour security and backup generators.


Now, more than ever, business doesn’t stop at 5 pm, and neither should your IT disaster recovery infrastructure. At NIC, we monitor our servers around the clock in addition to providing after-hours maintenance and support. Regardless of the time or day, we prepare for any potential emergency with contingency plans to minimize data loss or lapses in productivity.

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