Safeguard Your Organization: Prevent Ransomware Attacks

If your organization was hit by ransomware, you now face a limited scope of options. Once a hack is underway, your best move is to identify which version of malware you’re dealing with. If it’s well-known, an IT security company may have already developed a decryption tool targeting this strain. Unfortunately, hackers constantly revise their programs to stay ahead of such solutions, making a quick fix unavailable in many cases.

Like most IT threats, the best course of action is to prevent ransomware attacks before they happen. Read on to learn more about how to avoid these attacks.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Simple steps like maintaining updated antivirus software can go a long way to keeping you protected. One of the most effective prevention measures is to develop robust offline backups of your data, the kind industry experts like to call “weapons grade.” Creating a strong backup system remains a core part of any disaster or ransomware recovery strategy, giving you that much more incentive to implement these measures across your organization.

Employee education can also foster a more vigilant mindset. Teach your staff to recognize suspicious websites and phishing emails through regular training exercises. You can even simulate occasional phishing attacks to ensure everyone stays on their toes. Cyber security experts also recommend being more restrictive with shared resources. Don’t allow hundreds of employees to access files from a single server—instead, break up your network into smaller segments. When working in this way, your records won’t get compromised by a single infected machine.

The Inside Man

Organizations have long worried about security threats from within, often taking measures to protect themselves from disgruntled employees or other unscrupulous insiders. Now, ransomware is pushing businesses to rethink their security strategies to better fend off external threats as well.

While ransomware attacks may still come from the people who know your system best, your business also needs to ensure the same vigilance you have for inside threats is implemented against outer threats.

We Can Help

NIC has the expertise you need to prevent ransomware attacks to your business’ operations. We specialize in developing a comprehensive, proactive approach to network security. We can also help you create backup files, tailor your cyber security, and monitor against threats, as well as recover damaged files due to accidents.

Contact us today to learn how our team can help you stay ahead of the latest threats with our individualized cyber security plans.

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