Disaster Recovery Planning

Plan Your IT Disaster Recovery For Better Peace of Mind

IT disasters strike without notice, and can your business with limited options to recuperate. Without a set of procedures and best practices in place, the time it takes your company to get back in operation could lead to millions of dollars in losses. A pre-emptive IT disaster recovery plan will mitigate risks from cyber security threats, disasters and emergencies, and software misconfigurations.

NIC works with businesses nationwide to create recovery plans in case of disaster. By planning for multiple scenarios such as data loss, power outages, server failure, and site-wide outages, you can find peace of mind in knowing that your operations will be running continuously.

The Importance of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

While a disaster recovery plan may not seem like a critical element of managing your IT systems, the ramifications could be tremendous if it is overlooked. By making a list of mission-critical operations, you can assign roles to your IT team to determine what applications, data, user access, or IT infrastructure are necessary to support those business functions. These elements can be prioritized based on the cyber security risk or cause of downtime.

An effective IT disaster recovery plan will look at several factors to understand if the business can meet their recovery time objectives (RTO), recovery point objectives (RPO), service level agreements (SLA), and other recovery goals. NIC offers deep knowledge on each of these metrics to help its partners return to normal operating procedures as quickly as possible.

What’s Included in an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery plans typically include a set of services that restore any lost data if you are running on the cloud or on-premise servers. If your systems have been breached by a cyber security attack, your disaster recovery should include remediation planning steps that secure your data from ransomware, spyware, and hackers. This is particularly important if your industry requires you to be compliant with specific data regulations. All plans should follow the appropriate data storage requirements, policies, and procedures for how data is moved, stored, reused, and discarded.

Incorporate Disaster Recovery into Your Business’s IT Plans

Once your plan has been laid out, it is time to implement your disaster recovery guide. Several vendors exist today which provide the infrastructure for disaster recovery. NIC separates itself from the pack by using cutting-edge SSAE 16 data servers that are engineered and ruggedized for severe circumstances. Our disaster recovery services help get your business back online after experiencing an unexpected disaster or cyber attack.

Get Peace of Mind with NIC

By partnering with NIC, your company will create and launch an effective disaster recovery plan for your IT systems. Our team works with clients across industries, and IT vendors, to review their current systems and understand the best approach, and tools to leverage, for a custom set of disaster recovery guidelines and best practices.

Schedule a free consultation with NIC to learn how our team of IT experts can help prioritize your mission-critical operations. From there we can help you understand how to keep your business operations running in case of an emergency.

For more information about setting up your disaster recovery plan, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-721-3330.