Cyber Security – Santa Monica

Cyber Security (Santa Monica)

Cyber security is a never-ending concern for many businesses. With technology evolving and the intricacies of cyber threats increasing, you need someone on your side with well-trained team who has the knowledge to protect your data from every angle. Your company information, including any sensitive information from your clients, partners, and team members, is safe and secure when you work with us.


Security compliance is an often overlooked, yet incredibly important aspect of cyber security. As a leading cyber security services company we can help your company determine what compliance guidelines you need to follow and lay out steps to ensure you comply with all pertinent regulations.


Because no two businesses are alike, no two cyber security plans are alike either. At NIC, our expert cyber security team will develop a data management plan that meets your needs and evolves with your company.

Making and keeping a security plan will help you and your team minimize the risk of data theft and other security breaches, so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.


We’re a top cyber security services company because we give you the tools and expertise you need to minimize security threats. In addition to helping you find areas for security improvement, we can train your team in awareness and compliance techniques.

Work with NIC and experience the safety and security of a team that’s looking out for you.