Santa Monica

NIC Ranks Above IT Companies in Santa Monica

Santa Monica has fast become a prominent tech sector in the Los Angeles Area. Throughout the Westside, the evolution of ‘Silicon Beach’ has spurred new business growth in Santa Monica with more talented and highly educated professionals settling in this booming tech hub.

How does your company figure into this growth? Technology now plays an instrumental role in the local business community’s success. Among IT companies in Santa Monica and beyond, we understand that innovation requires skill, creativity, and insight. As professionals in Santa Monica continually strive for creative solutions, managed IT support becomes imperative.

IT Support
Whether you need on-site or remote IT support, project oversight, emergency response, or even crisis management, our support professionals are experienced and trained to deliver rapid responses and expert resolutions. Offering expert IT support in Santa Monica means being prepared for any contingency. At NIC, we can guide your choices in software, hardware, networking devices, and any other technical solutions you may require. Expert preparation now can mitigate potential issues down the road.

Cloud Services
Mobility and flexibility are vital concerns for many businesses today. To keep your network agile and accessible, our cloud services are engineered to ensure you receive the reliable performance and data availability you need to manage and run your business. NIC is an IT company in Santa Monica equipped to transform your network infrastructure from a stationary, in-house environment into a dynamic, flexible, and secure location. Our custom hosting options give your business the tools it needs to increase productivity and security with ease.

Disaster Recovery
Our cloud-based servers are the first line of defense against data loss or cyber attacks. That’s why our first step is to ensure your information is accessible in the event of an emergency. With our SSAE 16 servers, we’re able to host your data and provide reliable disaster protection any sensitive information effectively. These servers are built to withstand almost any cyber threat or natural disaster. In addition to our secure main servers, we also utilize remote, backup servers to provide seamless transitions between our main data centers and off-site locations in the event of any problems. With these secure, climate-controlled environments, we ensure that our system, and your business, can continue to run smoothly.

Cyber Security
No two businesses are alike. This means that no two cyber security plans are alike either. At NIC, our team of cyber security experts develops data management plans customized to meet your needs and evolve with your company. Among premier IT companies in Santa Monica, we specialize in utilizing a tailor-made security plan that will enable you and your business to minimize the risk of data theft, hacks, or other security breaches. With OCIE compliance, we ensure that your firm’s cyber security is not only the most comprehensive, but also the most advanced line of defense.