Smart Hands IT Support

Smart Hands IT Support

If you’re a small firm just starting out, you don’t always have the budget for a full-time IT staff. And even if you have a full-time team dedicated to your IT needs, you may still be able to benefit from smart hands support. You can hire our expert IT professionals to come on-site and help out with special projects to free up time for your staff to focus more on the core goals of your business.

Whether you choose to have recurring support for everyday business needs or prefer to have emergency support only, remote services aren’t always enough. The benefits of employing smart hands services include getting the hands-on help that you need for cybersecurity and other IT tasks in a timely cost-effective manner.

Enhance Your Cybersecurity

It’s not enough to have a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management System) in place to keep your network safe. A SIEM is a great log retention and management solution only when paired with a knowledgeable professional.

While a SIEM’s main function is to collect the security alerts from your firewall and all the other security technologies in your network, the reports are moot if you don’t know how to use the data. Utilizing our smart hands support for cybersecurity could entail having an experienced professional set up your SIEM to generate the appropriate compliance reports.

From the SEC and NIST to HIPAA, almost every compliance regulation requires you to log user access, track system changes, and monitor adherence to corporate policies. If your system isn’t set up properly, you could face steep penalties.

Our smart hands solution makes these tasks much easier by ensuring the relevant data is collected from all your systems. You get peace of mind from knowing when it’s time for an audit, you can simply generate the appropriate compliance reports and send them to the appropriate people.

Get Help with Best Practices

It’s hard to keep up with best practices when it comes to IT management and cybersecurity because they’re always changing. Cyber criminals never sleep, so you need experienced IT professionals who can perform penetration testing (simulated cyberattacks) on your system to find vulnerabilities.

When it comes to making sure your servers and firewall are set up properly, a remote technician can’t always troubleshoot your issues. Sometimes it helps just to have an extra set of eyes on your system. Having smart hands services come on-site to help is invaluable.

Hire a Managed IT Company for On-Site IT Support

For help with IT issues, including setting up or securing your network, contact NIC for a free consultation. See how smart hands and our suite of other IT services can cost-effectively support your business.

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