Recurring On-Site IT Support Visits

Recurring On-Site IT Support Visits

Our on-site IT support services offer an efficient way to supplement one of our allocated hourly IT support plans or user-based IT support plans. A service specialist from NIC will arrive at your location to provide the IT diagnosis and hands-on assistance that you could receive from in-house IT staff but for a much lower price than you would pay to receive it. To get on-demand on-site support on the schedule that you need it, contact us about recurring IT support visits.

On-Location Assistance

Some businesses don’t need the continuous presence of on-site IT support specialists. But they could benefit from recurring visits from one of our trained IT professionals. With our recurring visits, you can schedule to receive daily, weekly, or monthly assistance with network security and other business-critical IT. Regardless of the service area, there are always three benefits: the hands-on support that you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

On-Site Communication

Handling an IT issue over the phone or through email can be a tedious, time-consuming task, in which crucial information is lost through gaps in communication that an onsite assessment of the issue can help prevent. Sometimes, simply the physical presence of a technician promotes a faster resolution by providing communication benefits that transcend client-provider relations.

When you interface with one of our specialists for on-site IT support, expect communication to be enhanced, as you respond to the issue from a shared visual perspective, and experience the added clarity and sense of familiarity that non-verbal communication can bring to the exchange.

Serving in the L.A. Area

Our technicians are well-acquainted with the Los Angeles IT support community. NIC has served Los Angeles area clients for over two decades, facilitating solutions that range from primarily internal resources, such as cloud backup services, to resources that help clients interface with their own clientele, such as cloud phone systems. For many businesses, this is a significant factor for IT service quality and leads to us being selected as their service provider.

Because our base of operations — the L.A. area — is one of the most advanced IT regions in the nation, we have a unique insight into the level of IT competition that you face. This helps us create on-site IT support that responds to your needs in an exceptionally well-rounded manner. We are more than just experts in the IT field; we’re your neighbors in the high-tech L.A. region.

Start Scheduling Visits

On-site IT support from NIC helps your business leverage its network resources to the fullest advantage, in a highly efficient manner. To start reaping the benefits of recurring on-site service, without incurring the cost of paying full-time IT staff, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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